Alsou Risks The Health Of Children

Alsou Risks The Health Of Children
Alsou Risks The Health Of Children

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Video: Алсу о воспитании детей, благотворительности и пластических операциях 2022, December

The methods of the mother of many children turned out to be controversial. And even dangerous


The singer from the bottom of her heart wanted to help Lera Kudryavtseva, who on her Instagram page complained about the family emergency: her little daughter Masha was ill. The baby's temperature is 38.5 °. Lera asked subscribers to tell how they treat their babies in such cases.

The TV presenter began to receive all sorts of recommendations. Among them was advice from Alsou: "Homeopathy: aconitum and belladonna - from the temperature, phytolyakka - from the throat." Here it started spinning!

Subscribers Kudryavtseva literally hounded the singer! They began to write that homeopathy has long been recognized as a pseudoscience, the effectiveness of its methods has not been confirmed by anything. And in some cases, these funds can even be dangerous. One of the users, for example, said: "Belladonna, she is belladonna, contains the poisonous substance atropine, choliceric, causes confusion, increased aggression, insanity!"

- I can say about aconitum, - added the bleak picture Anna Zhuravleva, a pediatrician. - It is a drug that depresses the central nervous system. Still, I would not recommend this to children. At temperatures above 38.5 °, it is better to use proven ibuprofen or paracetamol. And phytolyakka, judging by the instructions, is a medicine with a resorptive (manifested after absorption into the blood) effect. And the very mechanism of this action is not entirely clear in diseases of the throat. This is such a "remedy for all diseases." I never prescribe such, because I adhere to the principles of evidence-based medicine. I believe that if you treat everything at once, you will not cure anything. It is necessary to treat the cause, not the symptoms.

It turns out that Alsou, if she uses dubious means to treat her own children, risks their health. We hope Lera did not use them, although she wrote in response to the message from her star friend: "Thank you!"

Leonid Mikhailov.

Photo by I. Popelnyukhov.

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