The Famous Surgeon's Diet Finally Helped Change The Size To S. Thank You, Professor Uglov

The Famous Surgeon's Diet Finally Helped Change The Size To S. Thank You, Professor Uglov
The Famous Surgeon's Diet Finally Helped Change The Size To S. Thank You, Professor Uglov

Video: The Famous Surgeon's Diet Finally Helped Change The Size To S. Thank You, Professor Uglov

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Who of us would not like to live up to 100 years old, send our great-grandchildren to school, or witness with our own eyes the success of colonizing neighboring planets? There are some lucky ones who managed to live to such a venerable age, or even longer. The eminent professor Fyodor Uglov is one of the happy centenarians, he managed to live 103 successful years, keeping his health strong and his mind clear. And here's what he recommends


We will tell you how Professor Uglov's diet can change your life today!

Uglov's diet

The famous Soviet surgeon and public figure Fyodor Grigorievich Uglov has always been distinguished by excellent health and lived to be 103 years old. Moreover, the academician in his 100s easily performed the most complex operations! For this he got into the Guinness Book of Records as the oldest practicing surgeon in Russia and the CIS.

Undoubtedly, Dr. Uglov managed to live such a rich and long life thanks to a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. The professor believed that overweight and excessive food intake are the main enemies of our health, the causes of all ailments and premature aging.

Fedor Grigorievich argued that excess weight is especially unacceptable in adulthood, when the metabolic process slows down, and physical activity decreases sharply.

What is the secret of Professor Uglov's longevity? These simple rules, which were strictly followed by the famous physician, helped Fyodor Grigorievich to maintain strong health and a clear mind until the last days of his life.

High physical and mental activity

Complete rejection of alcohol and tobacco

Food restriction

Strict adherence to the regime of work and rest

7-8 hours of proper sleep per day

Body hardening

All these prescriptions are simple and accessible, but the main emphasis of Angles was, of course, on nutrition. The professor himself called his diet "Eastern" and tirelessly recommended it to everyone and everything! Still, following a similar diet, you can lose 3-5 extra pounds and perfectly cleanse the body.

Dr. Uglov's diet is easy to tolerate, perfectly balanced and does not require diligent calorie counting. Uglov himself recommended eating by the hour, but you can adapt the diet to any daily routine. So, let's begin.


A cup of black tea or natural coffee with a small amount of sugar, but not more than 1 tsp.


1 hard-boiled egg, and for dessert - 8 prunes, pre-soaked in water.


Lunch at Uglov is 200 g of boiled chicken, lean pork or fish, 100 g of fresh or boiled cabbage (can be replaced with carrots) and 1 juicy orange.


30 g of hard low-fat cheese, an apple or again an orange.


The last meal is a glass of low-fat kefir or yogurt.

That's all! Food for the Angle diet should be extremely simple and natural. And Fyodor Grigorievich himself recommended to get up from the table always a little hungry and not go to bed or rest after eating.

Try to stick to this regime for some 10 days, and you will feel much healthier, and your waist will become noticeably thinner. The professor himself adhered to a strict diet all his life, and, by the way, it only benefited him.


Even if you are not a Christian and have never observed fasting in your life, try at least sometimes not to neglect church traditions. From time to time, giving up animal products is a real gift for the body. You will feel healthy and cleansed, this habit will temper you and allow you to fall in love with simple food. Be healthy!

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