How Much Kefir You Need To Drink To Get Drunk

How Much Kefir You Need To Drink To Get Drunk
How Much Kefir You Need To Drink To Get Drunk

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The content of a certain percentage of alcohol in ordinary kefir often alarms drivers. Some even believe that drinking a lot of this lactic acid drink can get drunk. Is this so or are all the above fears groundless?


Kefir drunkenness: myth or reality?

The issue of alcohol content in kefir in the 60-80s of the last century was closely studied by the luminaries of Soviet science. The specified drink is formed as a result of mixed fermentation. It uses a number of ferments, including lactic acid. The byproduct of this fermentation is alcohol.

Academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences Fedor Uglov was an ardent opponent of kefir as a product recommended for baby food. He calculated that there is an average of 0.01-0.07% alcohol in a store drink. If kefir stands for three days - fermentation continues, - the alcohol content in it will rise to 2%.

Mothers who regularly give their children kefir are at great risk, said Uglov. Drinking 0.6 liters of this drink per day, an 8-year-old baby receives a “lethal” dose of alcohol, equal to 4.2 grams. This volume can be correlated with 10 grams of vodka. The academician did not take into account one thing: hardly an 8-year-old child is able to drink more than a bottle of this drink for an amateur.

How much does an adult need to get drunk? If 200 grams of vodka is taken as a "starting point", then to obtain a similar dose of alcohol, it will take about 10-12 liters of kefir. Do not forget that lactic acid products stimulate intestinal activity. A person who has almost superpowers will be able to drink such an amount of kefir and not get stuck in the toilet for a long time.

Alcohol content in kvass

Favorite by many, kvass is considered a non-alcoholic drink. This is not entirely true. The percentage of alcohol in it can vary from 0.1 to 0.5%, which is several times more than in kefir. But you can hardly get drunk with kvass either. A liter or two - and the body will take its own, "ask to go to the toilet."

In the process of urinating, the body gets rid not only of waste water, but also of decay products and alcohol. The latter is also utilized through the respiratory system. Not a single breathalyzer will be able to "detect" the blood alcohol content within half an hour after a person has drunk a glass or two of kvass or kefir. During this time, the alcohol will completely disappear. The breathalyzer will show zero.

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