The Ministry Of Health On December 21 Will Launch The All-Russian Dictation On Public Health

The Ministry Of Health On December 21 Will Launch The All-Russian Dictation On Public Health
The Ministry Of Health On December 21 Will Launch The All-Russian Dictation On Public Health

Video: The Ministry Of Health On December 21 Will Launch The All-Russian Dictation On Public Health

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MOSCOW, December 16. / TASS /. The All-Russian dictation on public health, organized by the Russian Ministry of Health, will take place on December 21. The event is intended to draw the attention of citizens to the basics of public and personal health, as well as to check the general level of knowledge in these areas.

"This dictation will allow each person to receive additional competencies in the field of strengthening their own health. No matter how formally it sounds, from the point of view of a simple, everyday one, this is getting adequate, correct, verified information and a specific algorithm of actions in a given situation. And this is what distinguishes the dictation. from very many tests that are available today on social networks and the Internet in general.You will not only be able to get an assessment by answering a question, you will receive specific recommendations on how to "pump" those areas of knowledge for which the assessments may not have been so high as we would like, "- said on Wednesday at a press conference in TASS, Russian Deputy Minister of Health Oleg Salagay.

He explained that the questions, in particular, will relate to three main fundamental themes in the field of public health - health care, disease prevention and health promotion in general. "Health literacy is important because it provides serious social benefits, affects health status, reduces the risks of inequalities in health promotion, contributes to the formation of correct internal attitudes towards leading a healthy lifestyle and, in general, is the foundation for a responsible citizen's attitude to their health.", - said Salagai.

"Dictation is, of course, not a test, this is not some kind of test, this is not a control, according to the results of which someone should be expelled, transferred to another grade sheet, this is the tool that will allow everyone to test themselves and understand, to what extent the knowledge that you possess is sufficient to act correctly in the simplest life situations: in situations when faced with infections, with risk factors for noncommunicable diseases.I remind you that about 60% of mortality is associated with risk factors for noncommunicable diseases, and this is very a lot, "- said the deputy head of the Ministry of Health.

The dictation will be held on the website and will last until December 26, 2020.

Mechanics of conducting

As Boris Pastukhov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National Medical Company, founder of the Medicine About Me portal, explained at a press conference, users will be given the opportunity to get acquainted with materials that will help refresh or improve their knowledge. "The user is invited to answer questions in five sections: influenza, covid and acute respiratory infections, a healthy lifestyle, chronic non-infectious diseases, medical examination and organization of medical care," he said.

Each of the sections contains 10 questions, each question has four possible answers. An hour is allocated for the passage of the dictation. "After the user has passed the entire dictation, he will find out how many questions the correct answers were given. Depending on the number of correct answers, diplomas are awarded - first, second or third degree, or a certificate of passing the dictation is issued. for each of the five sections of testing, and for the entire dictation. These assessments are friendly in nature and are recognized to stimulate the user to further improve their knowledge, "- said Pastukhov.

"Participation in the dictation is absolutely voluntary. We hope that its friendly form, playful manner and spirit of competition will attract tens of thousands of Internet users to participate in it, primarily young people," the expert shared, adding that participants will also receive a New Year a gift from the main freelance specialists of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation with recommendations on how to stay healthy.

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