How Obesity Affects COVID-19 Treatment?

How Obesity Affects COVID-19 Treatment?
How Obesity Affects COVID-19 Treatment?

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Being overweight significantly increases your risk of severe COVID-19. This is a guaranteed hospital treatment, and in 87% of cases, the patient will need mechanical ventilation.


The information that patients with overweight and diagnosed severe obesity (BMI more than 35) in most cases will find themselves in the intensive care unit on mechanical ventilation was one of the first to be voiced by French doctors. Doctors from the University of Lille in France spoke about this at the annual European and International Congress on Obesity, which took place online this year, and provided disappointing statistics. Of the patients who needed a ventilator, 87% suffered from severe obesity, quotes a statement from scientists.

“A few months after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the risk posed by the virus to obese people was crystal clear. Our data show that the risks of more severe COVID-19 increase with weight gain, to the point that almost all severely obese patients in the intensive care unit will be ventilated,”says study author Professor Francis Patou.

The observation of French doctors was also supported by the Russian Ministry of Health. Deputy Minister Oleg Salagay confirmed that, according to studies, the risk of death from coronavirus infection is 48% higher if a person is obese. He announced this information in his own telegram channel on the eve of World Obesity Day.

The official's figures for the compatibility of overweight with coronavirus infection are disappointing. "Modern studies conducted on nearly 400,000 patients show that obese people are 113% more likely to be hospitalized, 74% more likely to be admitted to intensive care, and 48% more likely to die from coronavirus," he wrote Salagay.

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, General Director of the National Medical Research Center named after V.A. Almazov, Evgeny Shlyakhto, has an even tougher prognosis. The risk of a severe course of coronavirus in obese patients increases sevenfold, and the risk of death - almost ninefold, Evgeny Shlyakhto quotes Interfax.

What to do if you want to live much more than to lie under mechanical ventilation and think whether they will be saved or not? Honestly look at yourself and make an appointment with a therapist and endocrinologist to correct weight in a sparing mode. To be effective, but not deadly! A sharp loss of kilograms did not bring anyone to good, as, indeed, diets without medical assistance.

What can help you safely and effectively before you see your doctor? Moderate physical activity and dietary adjustments. For starters, simply cut back on your fast carbs and start moving a little more than usual. Tea without sugar and confectionery, avoiding fried in oil and deep-fried, reducing salt and spices and walking at least 3-5 thousand steps before bed will help the body start the process of burning fat. In a situation with weight adjustment, the "multicooker" mode is effective: what you plan to eat should be boiled or stewed and, preferably, homemade. For a while, you will have to forget about spicy pickled cucumbers, mushrooms and other delicacies, as well as about smoked meats.

Running and other types of intense physical activity with excess body weight are not allowed: the joints will not withstand such a load. Instead of solving one problem, you risk getting three at once - excess weight that has not gone anywhere, damaged ankles and the stress of not losing weight.

Do not forget that being overweight is an indicator of many diseases that you can only guess about. Only a doctor can help you figure out what is happening to your body and the primary causes of excess weight. And he, taking into account the anamnesis received, will select effective measures to correct and reduce weight.

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