10 Men Whose Existence Is Hard To Believe

10 Men Whose Existence Is Hard To Believe
10 Men Whose Existence Is Hard To Believe

Video: 10 Men Whose Existence Is Hard To Believe

Video: 10 Men Whose Existence Is Hard To Believe
Video: 10 Old People Whose Existence is Hard to Believe 2023, March

Each of us is unique. It is difficult to argue with this statement, and although globalization, coupled with popular culture, have done their job - now in any country in the world they can listen to The Beatles, wear jeans and drive a Ford Focus - there are still no two identical people. All are unique!


This is especially true for the 10 extraordinary men to whom this material is devoted: they are very different from those around them. Perhaps they can be called one of the most unusual people on planet Earth.

Indonesian Dede Koswara was nicknamed the tree man for a reason. The fact is that the warts, which began to grow all over his body after he once scratched his knee, have reached truly terrifying proportions. Subsequently, Dede was diagnosed with Lewandowski-Lutz dysplasia. This is a disease in which the processes of tissue growth are disrupted and warts begin to grow throughout the body. After trying many attempts to recover and never achieving success, Dede passed away in February 2016.

Brian Shaw is a bad joke. In 2015, he was recognized as the strongest man in the world for the third time. Brian is able to lift an object weighing 442 kilograms. Even Haftor Björnsson, who played Horus in Game of Thrones, was unable to replicate this achievement. Just imagine what Brian would do to Oberyn Martell.

Many men have a hard fight every morning with their beards. However, Yu Zhenghuang would need an extraordinarily powerful razor. The fact is that Yu is the hairiest person in the world: about 96% of the surface of his body is covered with hair. Vegetation problems began when Yu was only two years old. A bearded child, can you imagine? It's almost like the Benjamin Button Mystery Story.

Do you have piercings? Do you want, but in doubt? If you want to talk to someone about this, we know a great interlocutor: Rolf Buchholz is the person with the most piercings in his body: there are more than 100 punctures on his face and body.

When you think of someone with blue skin, the movie "Avatar" or the Smurfs comes to mind, but such people exist not only in the imagination of the authors. For example, such a person was regularly seen in the mirror by Paul Carason. And this is not a mystical story about mysterious mirrors, this is a harsh truth: Paul's skin took on a blue tint when he tried to cure dermatitis with colloidal silver, which led to argyrosis - a condition caused by prolonged deposition of silver in the body, in which the skin becomes silvery or bluish shade.

Leonid Stadnik from Ukraine, if desired, would have done well with basketball. At one time he was recognized as the tallest man in the world, his height was 253 centimeters. The fact is that at the age of 14, Leonid needed an operation, during which certain processes in the body were disrupted, and his pituitary gland, a gland that produces growth hormone, began to work at an accelerated pace. Leonid died in 2014 from a cerebral hemorrhage.

Do you know what is the most pleasant thing after a long day at work? Relax in a soft bed. However, everything has its limits. Patrick Dewell has not left bed for 7 years. But this is not the most interesting fact about him. For a time, Patrick was the heaviest person on earth: his weight was 464 kilograms. It's not easy to be that heavy. When Patrick had to see the doctor, he had to punch a hole in the wall. Doctors performed a gastric bypass operation for Patrick, and after that he managed to lose 226 kilograms, but later, unfortunately, began to gain weight again. He passed away in April 2016 at the age of 54.

When you think of someone small in stature, you probably think of a hobbit or Tyrion Lannister. But a citizen of Nepal, Chandra Bahadur Dangi, would even look at them from the bottom up: his height is only 54.6 centimeters. He is officially recognized as the shortest person in the world. Of course, there is an explanation for this: Chandra was diagnosed with one of the varieties of dwarfism. We hope he never had the desire to become a basketball player.

When was the last time you took a shower or bath? We are sure you know the answer to this question, and if not - well, then you have something to do right after reading this post. 80-year-old Iranian resident Amu Haji has not bathed in 60 years. And Amu also smokes cigarettes, which he himself makes from animal excrement. Something tells us that Amu has no friends.

Harry Turner was probably loafing around like any three-year-old when he noticed that his skin was incredibly elastic. So much so that it alarmed his parents, and after examination, Harry was diagnosed. Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is a group of hereditary connective tissue diseases in which the skin has increased elasticity. Impressive, right?

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