The Twine Is Available To Everyone

The Twine Is Available To Everyone
The Twine Is Available To Everyone

Video: The Twine Is Available To Everyone

Video: The Twine Is Available To Everyone
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Remember the famous action movies starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, where he demonstrated his magnificent stretching while sitting on two chairs, or the famous advertising video from the Volvo campaign, when the actor was sitting in a twine between two moving heavy trucks. Audiences were thrilled to demonstrate this flexibility and, of course, many dreamed of having the same stretch as Van Damme.


As a rule, the twine is mastered in gymnastics, ballet, martial arts, etc. Well, why does an ordinary person need him? - you ask. The twine serves as a prevention of various injuries, has a positive effect on digestion, improves posture and gives confidence to a person.

The ability to sit on the twine shows a person's good physical shape and flexibility.

Anyone can master the twine, even if you are well over forty, but subject to regular training.

Contraindications to stretching exercises

Despite the fact that the twine is available to everyone, there are some contraindications for its development, therefore, before starting the training process, it is recommended to consult a doctor and make sure that your health allows you to perform stretching exercises.

The main contraindications:

musculoskeletal system injuries;

pain in the sacrum and lower back;

cracked bones;

high blood pressure.

It is necessary to start the workout with warm-up muscles and ligaments. Refusing to warm up can lead to muscle tears and various injuries, which can force you to permanently give up doing the split.

Stretching exercises for beginners

The duration of the workout is at least 40-60 minutes. Classes should be regular and preferably daily. It is better to start stretching with light exercises: swinging legs, squats with legs apart, tilting the body on straight legs. Classic exercises: butterfly and paperclip. "Butterfly" is performed in a sitting position, the legs are bent at the knees and spread apart, the feet are together and moved as close to the groin area as possible. The back is straight. The task is to lower your knees to the floor. "Paperclip" - sitting on your knees, you need to spread the heels to the sides and lean back. You need to lie with your back on the floor, while your knees should be pressed to the floor.

Stretching exercises, as a rule, are accompanied by painful sensations in the muscles, the main thing is that there is no sharp pain, as this can already signal an injury.

The twine is available to everyone and at any age, but you should not set yourself some time frame for this or rush the process too much. For each person, mastering the twine proceeds differently, someone achieves the result in a month, and who only after a year. This largely depends on congenital genetics and athletic training.