How To Pump Up Your Legs And Buttocks? Effective Training. Video

How To Pump Up Your Legs And Buttocks? Effective Training. Video
How To Pump Up Your Legs And Buttocks? Effective Training. Video

Video: How To Pump Up Your Legs And Buttocks? Effective Training. Video


It can be easily performed at home and, with regular exercise, achieve the desired result.

Home workouts are a great alternative to gym workouts if you don't have the time or desire to get there. But in order for such training to bring results, it is necessary to prepare for it in advance, take into account all the nuances and draw up a special program. This will develop discipline and achieve a noticeable effect.

Exercising at home, you can work out the whole body at the same time or focus on a specific muscle group - this is no less useful. Together with Anna Kulikova, a nutritional trainer, graduate of the Academy of Bodybuilding and Fitness, we have prepared a set of exercises that will help you pump your legs and buttocks.

How to train properly at home?

Surely everyone who plays sports at home wants to make the most of this business. To train outside the gym to be most effective, the coach advises you to adhere to a few simple rules.

Don't forget to warm up and cool down

Every workout, without exception, should begin with a warm-up warm-up and end with a full-body stretch. This will help you develop your muscles correctly and reduce the risk of injury.

Wear your sneakers

Yes, even at home. Always practice with shoes! You cannot train in an apartment barefoot - this way you can easily injure your joints.

Track meal times

Try not to eat at least an hour before training, otherwise digestive problems may occur. Give preference to a serving of long carbohydrates 1.5-2 hours before exercise: this will provide you with an energy boost. Eat protein + carbohydrates half an hour after your workout. For example, cottage cheese with honey, fruit.

Observe the water-salt balance

Drink a glass of water 20 minutes before your workout. Quench your thirst every ten minutes throughout the session, but in small sips. After training - another full glass of water.

What equipment do you need to train at home?

Some exercises require dumbbells. If you don't have them, fill 1-1.5 liter plastic bottles with water.

Use furniture to lean on as an improvised means. A table, wardrobe with shelves, an armchair, or other object that is comfortable to put your feet or hands on will come in handy for stretching or swinging your legs. The chair is practically a universal exercise machine. With its help, reverse push-ups, hyperextension and various exercises for the buttocks are performed.

How many times a week should you exercise?

Three or four workouts per week is the optimal schedule for both beginners and advanced sports enthusiasts. On such a schedule, your muscles have time to recover between sessions, and training does not seem like a daily duty. Consequently, the chance that you will start to evade and look for an excuse to skip class is significantly reduced.

If you think that daily training will allow you to achieve a faster effect, you are wrong. Exercising every day with full dedication, after a week, maximum two, you will feel like a squeezed lemon.

Five effective exercises for the legs and buttocks

Dynamic side plank with knee extension

Starting position: side plank on the floor with support on the knee and forearm, legs bent, toes brought together.

Lift your buttocks and at the same time spread your legs at the knees. Then lower your pelvis again without touching the floor and bring your knees together. During the exercise, your body should be tense - do not relax the muscles. You can insure yourself with your other hand, leaning against the floor.

Glute bridge with alternate leg raises

Starting position: shoulder rest on the sofa, legs bent at the knees, arms in front of the chest.

Lift your pelvis and squeeze your buttocks. At the same time, lift one leg off the floor and lift it up, leaving it bent at the knee. Return to the starting position and repeat the same movement, only with the other leg.

Side steps with a squat

Starting position: standing, feet together.

Take a wide step to the side, at the same moment lower your pelvis. Step out of the squat to the starting position and repeat the movement on the other leg. Keep your arms in front of you while squatting, keep your back straight.

Leading the leg to the side while suspended

Starting position: rest on the elbows and knee.

Raise one leg in the back and straighten. Take it to the side, keeping it straight, hold in this position for a second and return to the starting position. Try not to lower your leg below the level of the pelvis or relax the muscles.

Twisting elbow to knee on the side

Starting position: lying on your side, with an emphasis on the forearm, supporting leg bent.

Raise your leg and arm, extend them. After that, bring them together so that the elbow touches the knee. Return to starting position and repeat the movement.

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