What Is Intimacy For A Man - Work For Wear Or Exercise?

What Is Intimacy For A Man - Work For Wear Or Exercise?
What Is Intimacy For A Man - Work For Wear Or Exercise?

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"Hello! My question is: does the number of sexual acts performed by a man over time affect their quality? I read that the number of sperm in the male body is limited, and the more often you do "this", the weaker the potency becomes. And even the famous Casanova became impotent over the years. Or,

on the contrary, as with athletes: the more often you train an “organ”, the stronger it is? Are interruptions in your intimate life harmful or not? " Pavel

- Hello, Pavel! The number of sexual intercourses performed during a lifetime does not affect the strength of the erection, ejaculation, or the quality of sperm. The number of sperm is UNLIMITED, they are produced throughout the life of an adult man (but a woman has a limited number of eggs, which is why she has menopause).

What really affects the quality of sexual life is the state of health of a man, as well as his attitude towards his partner (s).

Sex is a psychophysiological act, and an emotional state has a great influence on the sexual sphere. For example, if a man perceives a woman only as an object of pleasure in bed, and therefore often changes partners, he develops cynicism, depersonalization of a woman, and then that part of his instinct that is responsible for sexual function begins to fade away. In reality, a man not only treats women in this way, but also treats himself (that is, as an object, reducing himself to the penis, and relations with the surrounding women - to sexual intercourse). And then the body can really "malfunction", as it happens in porn actors, cauldrons and other men who, in their youth, have a lot of promiscuous sexual intercourse.

The psyche begins to reject such an attitude towards itself, and the man either gets sick or simply becomes "insolvent."

So there is no need to train an organ, as you put it. All that is needed to maintain tone is a permanent healthy and mutually pleasant relationship with your beloved partner.

Breaks in intimate life are not terrible if the man does not experience constant excitement. Although he may well relieve this tension through masturbation (this is also normal). You should also not get too carried away with pornography, because it also leads to a decrease in sexual function in men, because the brain begins to rebuild, and real relationships do not reach the "ideal"; as a result, the man loses contact with his partner and goes into the world of porn fantasies.

In practice, a lot affects men's health, but psychological factors are in the first place, and physiological ones are secondary.

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