How To Lose Extra Pounds After The New Year Holidays?

How To Lose Extra Pounds After The New Year Holidays?
How To Lose Extra Pounds After The New Year Holidays?

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On New Year's holidays, according to doctors, it is quite fair to talk about a massive overeating of an entire nation - the holiday food of most Russians is so hard and difficult to digest. "Eating" two or three or even more kilograms during the winter holidays is a trifling matter, almost everyone who has decided to relax during the holidays and not keep their appetite in check. How to get back to normal, as well as throw off everything that has accumulated, experts in proper nutrition told in an interview to the correspondent of "MIR 24".


First week - no hunger

First of all, you cannot immediately start tough weight-loss diets. “Suddenly starting fasting after an overabundance of food on holidays is very harmful,” says Irina Yakovleva, Ph.D., nutritionist, Project V expert. - This is a great biochemical stress for the body. In addition, fasting days and fasting are contraindicated for people with chronic diseases (diabetes mellitus, liver disease, peptic ulcer, etc.). It is advisable even for healthy people to first just establish a proper diet - eat healthy foods at the same time."

“The Mediterranean diet is ideal, containing lots of raw fruits and vegetables, as well as cereals, legumes, nuts, olive oil, seafood, fresh dairy products. Calorie counters can be of great help, too. You don’t have to use them all your life - it’s enough to do this for just three weeks to acquire healthy eating habits,”says Irina Yakovleva.

All food containing preservatives must be excluded (smoked meats, sausages, long-term storage, ham, canned food). “It’s not you who want such products, but the opportunistic flora (firmicuts) living in your body,” says the nutritionist. “To fight the urge to eat all this, buy food fortified with prebiotics - help your intestinal microflora recover by providing it with inulin, plant fiber, oligosaccharides, chitosan, pectins and other useful components.”

Give up everything fried and fatty. For the coming week, your choice is boiled and steamed food, as well as an abundance of unprocessed vegetables and fruits. In addition, rely on cereals, especially those cooked in water. Include fermented milk products in your diet, which are good to drink with food instead of traditional tea or coffee.

To lose weight, you first need to sleep!

Sports nutritionist James Collins, who works with some of the most active people on the planet, including the UK athletic team, argues in his book Energy Value that in order to lose weight, you need to get enough sleep. "The hunger hormones ghrelin and leptin are two major players in the multifaceted and complex production that your body knows as appetite," he writes. - Ghrelin is released in the stomach and signals the brain that you are hungry, while leptin is released by the cells of adipose tissue to tell the brain that you are full. Research has shown that sleep deprivation increases ghrelin levels and decreases leptin levels - in other words, increases your appetite.”

James Collins: “Lack of sleep also interferes with your self-control as it affects the frontal lobe, the part of the brain that makes decisions. In addition, food triggers various reward centers in the brain when there is a lack of sleep. You are drawn to high-calorie, sugary and fatty foods. If you've ever gone to work without getting enough sleep and passed a bakery or cafe, didn't the smell of pastries strike you as insanely attractive?"

How to get rid of edema

In many ways, weight gain after the New Year holidays is edema. According to Irina Karaulan, a specialist in functional nutrition, the drinking regimen and lymphatic drainage exercises are very important. Both will help to quickly get rid of puffiness, and the right water will help cleanse the body. “You need to drink water a day at the rate of 30 ml per 1 kg of weight, that is, a person weighing 60 kg needs to drink about 1.8 liters a day. Moreover, it is necessary to use non-carbonated water (preferably filtered or bottled, in glass containers). If the water is not mineralized, it is necessary to add a mineral mixture to it to enrich the water,”says Irina Karaulan. For example, the pharmacy drug Rehydron is suitable, which contains, among other things, electrolytes necessary to restore the electrolyte balance. It must be added not in the proportions indicated on the package, but little by little, so that it does not affect the taste of the water too much.

Irina Karaulan shares exercises and self-massage techniques in order to drive away swelling.

Jumping after waking up: 100 jumps on soft knees will act as a lymphatic exercise. Frame: raise your arms above your head in the form of a frame, press your neck, hold for 30 seconds, then stretch the lateral neck muscles on both sides with the edge of your palm. Ear massage: for a minute we massage the ears, walking over the entire surface of the auricle. Scalp massage: with strong fingers we go all over the head, after which we grab the hair close to the roots and pull ourselves by the hair.

These exercises will help you quickly disperse the lymph and relieve swelling.

Detox diet FMD

At the end of one week, which will provide a soft way out of the New Year's spree, it is possible, according to Irina Karaulan, to take more decisive actions to lose those extra pounds. "I must say right away that this detox diet, called FMD, is suitable for people without chronic diseases, with a healthy gastrointestinal tract," says a specialist in functional nutrition. "The diet has proven its effectiveness, but it can still be used no more than once a month, since this diet is not defective."

This is a 5-day regimen, involving the consumption of 725 to 1090 kcal per day, in which macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates, fats) are minimized, while micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) are present in the required amount.

1st day - one meal (at any time until 21.00).

2nd day - the first meal at the same time as on the first day - after 24 hours (if it is an evening meal, then do not eat further at night, if morning or afternoon meal, then 1-2 meals until 21.00) …

3rd day - regular meals (3 times or 2 + 1 snacks).

4th day - one meal (at any time until 21.00).

5th day - the first meal in 24 hours (if it is an evening meal, then do not eat further at night, if morning or afternoon meal, then further 1-3 meals as usual until 21.00).

6th day - regular meals.

7th day - one meal (at any time until 21.00).

8th day - first meal at the same time as on the seventh day - after 24 hours.

It is advisable to follow a pescetarian diet at this time. The main products are:

Plant foods, including legumes - the main source of protein, nuts, whole grain bread. And also vegetables, berries, fruits (a little). Fish 2-3 times a week. It is advisable to choose small fish of cold seas - capelin, smelt, sprat, herring, mackerel, herring, anchovies. Shrimp, shellfish. Olive oil (up to 50 ml per day) and other healthy oils.

An example of a menu for one day of regular meals on the FMD diet (3 meals a day, 950 kcal).

Breakfast 8.00: 100 g baked pumpkin, 30 g hazelnuts, 100 g blueberry smoothie + 100 g spinach + 100 g celery + 25 g spirulina (seaweed, sold in health food stores).

Lunch 13.00: quinoa 60 g (boiled in water) + arugula 100 g + parsley 50 g + dill 50 g + tomato 100 g + cucumber 100 g + olive oil 20 ml.Chop vegetables and herbs, mix with boiled quinoa and pour over with olive oil.

Dinner 19.00: mushrooms 50 g + asparagus 100 g + cauliflower 100 g + broccoli 100 g (steamed), add 30 g chopped walnuts (sprinkle vegetables with them).

For the elimination of toxic substances, Irina Karaulan recommends the use of enterosorbents that can bind substances that are poisonous to the body in the intestine and prevent their absorption into the general bloodstream. These drugs should be taken 1-2 hours after taking food and other drugs, and their dosage and duration of administration depends on the degree of intoxication and the age of the person.

Secrets for a stable result

And yet, such a diet is an extreme measure, it is much more useful to lose weight slowly and gradually. Here are the nutritional guidelines recommended by Jennifer Ashton, M.D., Women's Health, Nutrition and Obesity Specialist. In her book A Year of Self Care, she writes:

Focus on adding, not excluding. By constantly reminding yourself that you are adding a lot of healthy foods to your diet, and not just eliminating unhealthy foods, you will make it much easier for yourself to bring yourself back to normal. The food obsession will surely go away once you think of dozens of new and exciting foods you can and should eat. Instead of concentrating on forbidden beef, lamb, pork and veal, think about foods to eat: sweet potatoes, quinoa (amaranth), black beans, cashews, seaweed salad, popcorn, watermelon, nectarines. The list is endless!

Eat breakfast for dinner. Eggs contain an impressive 7 grams of complete protein per 75 kilocalories, making them one of the most protein-rich foods around. Eggs are a great source of good fats to help you stay full while you are fasting from meat. Many people think of eggs as a morning dish, but they work just as well for lunch or dinner. Think of dishes like vegetable frittats (filled omelets), egg tacos, egg casseroles, shakshuka (eggs fried in a sauce with tomatoes or spinach), omelet with cheese, herbs, and vegetables.

Find interesting ways to add vegetables to your diet. Many restaurants, fast food chains, and food delivery companies now offer squash and beet pasta or carrot noodles. You can make vegetarian pasta yourself - recipes are easy to find on the internet.

Eat more means move more!

It is very important to burn more calories than you consume for a gradual, stable weight loss. “More traffic! The main principle is to maintain a balance between the intake and consumption of calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, micronutrients, says nutritionist Irina Yakovleva. "Eat more means move more!"

According to the specialist, training can be not only in the gym; perhaps you will choose Latin American dancing or tai chi, pilates or stretching. But you can provide yourself with physical activity by simply spending more time playing with children in the fresh air, walking your dog; walking (to work or shopping center and back). Your body will "ask" for more physical activity in a month, and you can start training just because you want it, and not because it is necessary.

The key is to find ways to add more movement to your daily life. Nutritionist Jennifer Ashton writes about this in her book: “Tell yourself: at least something is better than nothing. If you're not used to being physically active, remember that enthusiasm is great, but starting the month with daily hour runs will likely burn out quickly.

Any kind of aerobic activity is better than nothing, so when you don't feel like leaving the house at all, even 20 minutes of brisk walking will be enough. And on the days when you feel motivated, convince yourself to work out for just five minutes.Chances are, as soon as you start moving, you will feel a surge of energy and want to train longer than you intended."

Find an activity that you enjoy. Not all cardio workouts are equally enjoyable. If you don't like aerobic exercise, you may not have found the right workout for you. “I love swimming, running, cycling, going to the gym. - writes Jennifer Ashton. - Nevertheless, I have friends who love physical activity, but never go to the gym, because they prefer to work out on the street, walk quickly, ride a bike, fiddle with flowers in the garden. Others enjoy dancing, boxing, playing on a local sports team, jumping rope, doing exercise at home with a video instructor, or walking up the stairs when meeting their children from school. If there is any kind of aerobic exercise that you already enjoy, that's great. If not, experiment, try different halls, outdoor and indoor sports. Don't be afraid to think outside the box with less traditional cardio workouts like ballroom dancing, squash, roller skating, or water aerobics."

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