How Many Calories Are Burned Per Hour Of Running

How Many Calories Are Burned Per Hour Of Running
How Many Calories Are Burned Per Hour Of Running

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Running is one of the best sports for weight loss. Regular and intense exercise can help you burn fat and promote health. But in order to draw up an effective training program, you need to know how much calories are burned per hour of running.


Energy consumption during a run

The amount of calories burned in 1 hour of running depends on three factors:


road quality;

execution techniques.

It is not recommended for beginners to run for more than 15-20 minutes until they have developed endurance.

A sharp transition to one-hour training will negatively affect the state of the cardiovascular system.

There is no formula for calculating the energy spent over a certain period of time, since the body spends resources unevenly. Therefore, the calories burned per hour of running range from 500 to 800. An intense cross-country run will provide the best results, but only for experienced athletes.

Training program

To learn to run for an hour, you will need to regularly increase the load. The following training program will help to build endurance and lose weight:

1st week. 2-3 runs for 20-25 minutes. Running should be alternated with brisk strides at 5-minute intervals.

2nd week. 3-4 runs 30-35 minutes long. The workout consists of intervals (10 minutes running, 5 minutes brisk walking).

3rd week. 5-6 runs for 40-45 minutes. Running is divided into 15-minute intervals with 5-minute brisk strides.

4th week. Daily workouts lasting 1 hour. During the run, 1-2 rest breaks are allowed in the form of a brisk step for 3-5 minutes.

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Before training, a warm-up must be performed to prepare joints and muscles for the load. After building up stamina, jogging regularly for an hour will allow you to burn 0.5-1 kg of weight every week. A decrease in body weight by 5-6 kg per month of regular training is the best result that does not pose a danger to the body. Losing weight too quickly can lead to health problems. Also, to avoid negative consequences, you can not eat later than 1.5 hours before jogging.

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