If You Sleep Well, You Earn More: How Does The Duration Of Sleep Affect The Level Of Earnings?

If You Sleep Well, You Earn More: How Does The Duration Of Sleep Affect The Level Of Earnings?
If You Sleep Well, You Earn More: How Does The Duration Of Sleep Affect The Level Of Earnings?

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High earnings depend on how long you sleep. This conclusion was made by scientists from the United States based on a study conducted by the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to American scientists, the level of earnings directly depends on the quality and duration of a night's sleep. People who are sleep deprived are more likely to suffer from chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, depression and obesity, their quality of life is poorer and their productivity is lower. Is it possible, by adjusting sleep, to ensure an increase in income? Have such studies been carried out in Russia and, in general, how to relate to the conclusions of American scientists? Somnologists, psychologists and personal growth specialists told about this in an interview with MIR 24.

“This statement by American researchers should be treated with a certain amount of skepticism and humor,” says Boris Kononov, a clinical psychologist, leading author's courses and trainings. - Especially in modern Russian realities. After all, without a critical perception by ordinary citizens of such statements, sales of tranquilizers and other sedatives may simply increase, and the economy will only suffer from gullible ordinary people “lying on the stove”.

Have similar studies been carried out in Russia? According to Boris Kononov, in modern Russia, hardly anyone in power would have financed such a dubious "research". “The state does not have enough money for such a research luxury, and private structures in this industry are still in their infancy,” the expert believes.

Can you say that quality of sleep affects your earnings? “Doesn't influence at all! - says Boris Kononov. - Theoretically, the quality of sleep should affect the psycho-energetic tone of a person, his neurophysiological and psychodynamic indicators, but this is not a sufficient condition for his business activity as a subject of entrepreneurial activity. In addition, there are still objective economic and financial realities that do not depend on the will of individuals. For example, during the period of the spread of coronavirus infection, the average sleep duration probably increased, but earnings fell, and this is an obvious fact of the economic life of more than one country."

The psychologist points out that a correlation between these two different-level indicators can be observed, but reliable causal relationships are unlikely to be present. For example, the following correlation can be observed: foot size is directly proportional to intelligence. But this is quite understandable even to a non-specialist: the older the individual, and, consequently, the larger the foot, the higher his intellect. So American scientists, most likely, got excited.

Somnologist, family psychologist Olga Aleksandrova disagrees with this point of view.

“Sleep quality affects absolutely every area of ​​life, and finance is no exception,” she says. - Lack of sleep impairs cognitive functions: memory, attention, the ability to analyze and synthesize information, planning, control, speech, emotional intelligence. With a lack of sleep at 3 o'clock, cognitive performance can be reduced by 30% or more. And the worst thing is that a person often does not realize this. That is, the ability to adequately assess oneself also decreases."

“The quality of sleep directly affects the brain processes in the most important way,” says Elena Nagaeva, a psychologist, hypnotherapist, and NLP trainer.- According to one of the versions, even at the Chernobvl NPP, the accident happened due to the fact that the employee suffered from lack of sleep. A large proportion of car accidents also occur due to chronic driver fatigue. Sleep definitely affects the ability to do your job well and, as a result, earn more, better, and easier. But this is not the only factor. If a person only sleeps, of course, he will not start earning more."

According to the doctor-sleep doctor Olga Alexandrova, there is still a direct connection between sleep and earnings.

In a dream, physical recovery takes place, the body is energized. It is also during sleep that emotional recovery takes place. This affects how a person communicates with other people, copes with difficulties, stress, and adapts to changing situations.

Lack of sleep can even lead to anxiety disorders. Conversely, when psychologists work with anxiety, sleep improves. And it is easier to "digest" stress and any difficulties in life. That is, we enter a positive cycle from a negative one: anxiety - sleep disturbance - aggravated anxiety - inability to cope with life - even more anxiety because of this. A cognitively impaired person who is physically tired and emotionally depressed or irritated is unlikely to be able to work well and earn money. According to the somnologist, the advice to improve sleep so that it affects earnings is not a joke at all. “Of course, everything is interconnected, since all spheres of life influence each other. When a person sleeps well, he earns more. When he makes good money, he sleeps better as his standard of living is higher and his financial concerns are less. Therefore, you need to start with the establishment of sleep. Only with quality rest is it possible to work effectively and be realized in all other areas,”says Olga Alexandrova.

“Everything depends on everything, and by changing one element of the system, we are changing the entire system,” says psychologist, hypnologist, coach Vitaly Naumov. - Sleep quality affects a person's ability to perceive objective information qualitatively.

When we have adequate sleep, we are in better physical shape, and we can be better and more conscious here and now, make more effective decisions and realize more ambitious goals. And money is the "applause of the world" for the realization of our ambitious goals.

When we are capable of big ambitions, the world starts to applaud us for the realization of these ambitious goals."

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