What Dangerous Diseases Are Disguised As Fatigue

What Dangerous Diseases Are Disguised As Fatigue
What Dangerous Diseases Are Disguised As Fatigue

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Sometimes constant fatigue and lethargy can be a sign of serious illness. Olga Aleksandrova, therapist of the highest qualification category at the Atlas Medical Center, spoke about what exactly could be behind the breakdown.

One of these diseases can be iron deficiency anemia. It is manifested by a rapid heartbeat, difficulty breathing, and pale skin. It is most commonly seen in women of reproductive age (it is associated with blood loss during menstruation).

Sometimes a loss of strength is the only symptom that portends the development of myocardial infarction, which can occur absolutely painlessly, according to Passion.ru. Another insidious disease is diabetes mellitus of the first and second types. The risk of its occurrence increases after 40 years, with overweight, and also if close relatives suffer from it.

Fatigue and apathy can signal even early stages of cancer. To determine the presence of a malignant formation, you must first consult a general practitioner who, having collected anamnesis, will prescribe basic tests and examinations, according to the results of which he will refer the patient to specialists in the profile.

Another not fully understood disease is chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). Its causes are not fully understood until now. Vitamin B12 deficiency, which regulates the maturation of erythrocytes, can also disguise itself as fatigue. With its lack, the normal development of blood cells is disrupted, which can lead to anemia and damage to the nervous system.

Lack of vitamin D can lead to depression, weight gain, mood swings, and hypertension. It is associated with many processes in the brain. Its deficiency can be determined using a blood test.

Dangerous illness such as apnea can also lead to fatigue. It is characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep for more than ten seconds. Due to the lack of oxygen, you constantly wake up, although you may not even remember this, but intermittent sleep does not pass without a trace for the body.

Any infectious disease can also cause fatigue. Indeed, at this time, the body is working in an enhanced mode, and after recovery, the protective mechanisms are gaining energy. This condition usually goes away on its own two weeks after recovery.

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