Chasing A Figure: Five Mistakes When Visiting The Gym

Chasing A Figure: Five Mistakes When Visiting The Gym
Chasing A Figure: Five Mistakes When Visiting The Gym

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Three months of isolation did not have a positive effect on our figures. Since the partial lifting of restrictions due to the coronavirus, crowds of people wishing to return to their former physical shape or improve it with burning eyes rushed to conquer fitness rooms and gyms, forgetting the rules.

The master of sports of international class in powerlifting, nutritionist and trainer Mikhail Paller told RIA Novosti Crimea about the main mistakes when visiting the gym and performing strength exercises.

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The first mistake. The desire to do everything at once rarely leads to a really decent result. So in training - an abundance of exercise does not lead to instant pumping of the body, and sometimes it can do harm.

"Often the trainer is asked the question: why don't we do this exercise? I always explain that we have already made its analogue, for example. There are always a lot of exercises for different muscle groups. If you do everything together, it will be bad."

It is best to divide the training of different muscle groups on different days, do not overdo it and evenly distribute the load.

The second mistake. "And" lose weight "me in a week" - with such requests people often turn to coaches, not realizing that there is no quick and easy result in sports.

"People want to invest little and get a lot and quickly. Work less - somewhere to spend something, pay, shorten the path. But there are a number of processes in the body that cannot be accelerated in any way. If you exercise, they go slowly but surely And if not, everything rolls back. It's useless to speed them up. It's still a certain period, and it is unrealistic to lose 10 kg in a week in a healthy way."

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Error three. Neglecting exercise technique can be just as dangerous as doing it all at once.

Lack of warm-up, thoughtless increase in working weights - all this can lead to unpredictable and painful consequences.

"What is unheated cartilage and ligaments? This is a rope in the cold or cold. One awkward movement - and it breaks. Excessive working weights, exercise without warming up can lead to serious injuries. But even more dangerous is the" unheated "heart. Before starting each workout, be sure to do a warm-up, prepare the body and then go into battle."

The fourth mistake. It is important to know why and where you came. Choosing the right workout clothes also plays a role in your journey to a slimmer figure. It should be light, but at the same time dense, so that it is convenient to perform all the exercises.

“There are cases when ladies come to the hall in sandals or in clothes that absolutely do not stretch. And there are also people who deliberately dress up, wanting to impress everyone with their costume. But no one cares. You came to work, which means, do it".

Error five. The gym is a temple of a slender and healthy body, which, as elsewhere, has its own rules. Observe them.

"After exercise, return the simulator to its original position, collect the equipment, and if you are resting after the approach, release the simulator. Wipe the work surface after yourself and try not to use perfume or eau de toilette with aggressive aromas. In addition, you should not walk around the hall with the phone and talk about your "important" affairs. Respect yourself and those around you."

And the last thing - drop the embarrassment. You came for the body of your dreams and your goal, which means that everything else is of minimal importance.

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