Workout Program From Frank Zane

Workout Program From Frank Zane
Workout Program From Frank Zane

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During his life, Frank tried many programs and techniques, combined them into complexes and adjusted exercises for himself, trying to find the most effective way to acquire beautiful muscle shapes. The version of the lesson, which will be described in the article, is a proven and already proven program. This scheme allowed him to take pride of place in the competition: thanks to his method, Zane became Mr. Olympia 5 times, and also took pride of place in other competitions.


We recommend training according to the Zane program for experienced athletes, as high intensity and high energy costs are suitable for a body that has learned to recover quickly.

Frank's road to bodybuilding

The hometown of the famous later bodybuilder, Kingston, is located in America in the state of Pennsylvania. Frank was born there on June 28, 1942. Kingston was then a typical mining town, and after the war it was not the most peaceful place. The local contingent constantly arranged showdowns, and fights were frequent. Zane and his cocky little brother regularly had to defend themselves in skirmishes, in addition, the brother often became the initiator of fights, and Zane received slaps and jaws for him.

Maybe that's why, at the age of 14, Frank will be interested in bodybuilding. And it will happen almost by accident: a boy in a trash can discovers a thematic magazine with photographs of bodybuilding legends. At this age, Frank had the figure of a skinny nerd - average height (174 cm) and modest weight (50 kg), and was also interested in chemistry and mathematics, in general was quite outstanding. How could such one even break into a sport that requires high standards in strength, weight and form?

If a target appears, then Zane goes straight to her. At his first competition in Pennsylvania in the town of Alletown, he is ranked 5th out of 45 competitors. Not bad for an 18 year old athlete? These competitions gave even more motivation to young Frank, and it was there that he first met Bob Hoffman, a great man in the field of bodybuilding. Bob was the creator of special protein powders for athletes and was the first to popularize this type of sports nutrition. Hoffman also owned a barbell / dumbbell business; published the journal Muscular Development; coached the US national weightlifting team. In a word, he was the one whom he wanted to be equal to.

Backstage, Bob casually told Frank that if he had such a body, he would constantly go shirtless. After such support, Frank could no longer stop and began to fight for the highest awards and places in the competition.

Frank Zane's workouts. Features of the

The training program of the famous athlete can be called volume-strength. Devote the first 3-4 months to increasing the strength parameters, then work the same amount for volume. After a few months, give it a dry mass. In the latter case, emphasize the exercise technique.

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After a few weeks, the cyclicity of the training schemes should be changed so that the body constantly receives a stimulus to adapt, and therefore to an increase in strength and mass. Although the program can be used for other purposes.

1 lesson = 1 large muscle group + several small ones. Small group sets range from 8 to 12. The number of repetitions should be varied within the same range.

A huge plus of the program is that it is suitable for gaining mass and "drying". Do not forget about nutrition, the use of the right amount of calories largely determines the result. If the goal is to lose weight, then you should not take large weights, as a low-carb diet weakens the ligaments and joints.There is no need to expose yourself once again to the risk of injury, which can permanently turn off from the training process.

F. Zein's training program

Frank Zane's workout plan consists of 4 sessions for different muscle groups. Each exercise has 3 sets of 8-12 reps.

Exercises should be performed according to the principle of a pyramid - adding weight with each approach.

On all training days, the number of approaches and repetitions remains the same.

In the first workout, the muscles of the back, biceps, and forearms are loaded. The set of exercises is as follows:

for the back muscles, traction of the upper and lower block, shrugs, dumbbell pull to the belt are made;

different types of flexion are aimed at working out the biceps: concentrated, alternate, reverse grip curls, hammer;

exercises for the forearms: bending the arms with a barbell with an overhead grip, bending the arms at the wrists with a barbell, using a hand trainer.

The second workout focuses on working out the legs. The calf should be worked out in a mode three times 30. The set of exercises is as follows:

superset, in which the legs first bend and then unbend;

weight squats;

dead thrust;

back lunges;

lifting on toes in an incline with weights (usually a person is used as a weight, and the exercise is called in another way "donkey" because of its resemblance to an animal);

seated calf raises.

The next part of the training plan also covers the synergistic muscles: pecs, triceps, and deltoids.

dumbbell bench press at an angle;

reduction of hands in the simulator;

push-ups on the apparatus "Bars";


divorces with dumbbells;

barbell deadlift lying on a bench;

extension of the arms in the block.

The fourth is devoted to the press. Mode of operation - three sets of 30 repetitions per exercise.

hanging leg raises;

twisting on a Roman bench;

twisting on the floor;

body tilts with dumbbells;

twisting in the block.

The break between sets is no more than a minute. At the end of each workout, 30 minutes of cardio follows. You can train every day, but after a 4-day cycle, take a day off.

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