"Pistol" For Future Skiers. Getting Ready For The First Descents

"Pistol" For Future Skiers. Getting Ready For The First Descents
"Pistol" For Future Skiers. Getting Ready For The First Descents

Video: "Pistol" For Future Skiers. Getting Ready For The First Descents

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In early February, my husband and I are going to Sochi to Krasnaya Polyana on a honeymoon trip, it didn't work out before. Tell me if you can start preparing for your first ski training at home. N. Savenkova, Attic

Olga Vlasova, head of the Perspektiva Health Center, City Clinical Hospital 1, answers:

“Start your preparation by consulting your doctor. Find out if you have any contraindications. If not, sign up for a gym. Warn the coach in advance that you want to prepare for skiing, then he will help you choose a program. If it is not possible to work out in the gym, there is a home exercise bike. The intensity and time of exercising on it should be increased gradually and do not in any way overcome the pain. In order to ski downhill, in addition to the leg muscles, it is necessary to train the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, because during training they have to work in an enhanced mode. In addition to the simulators, you can work out daily at home by doing simple exercises.

Warm-up warms up the ligaments and muscles: from a straight position, rise on your toes, inhaling, and squat without dropping your entire foot. From the exhale squat, simultaneously lower your heels to the floor and rise.

"Pistol": squat on one leg, the other is straightened forward. You can hold onto the back of the chair while doing this. It is important not to lift the heel off the floor, stand on a full foot.

Exercises for balance and strengthening of leg muscles: familiar from childhood "Swallow" is great for developing balance. You stand on one leg, keep your torso and head parallel to the floor, looking down. You can make the exercise more difficult by bending the supporting leg and holding the body in that position. The execution time is 60 seconds or more. This exercise also helps develop the ankle and knees.

Here are three more easy exercises:

1. Straighten your back and bend your knee. Wrap your arms around your bent leg and press it to your chest. Maintain this position for one to two seconds, try not to slouch. Do the exercise 20 times on each leg, take a break. There should be three to four approaches in total.

2. Stand near a stand on which you can rest your foot, with your back to it. One leg should be in front, the other should be taken back and put on a stand. Do an inhalation squat, keeping your back still. Take the starting position as you exhale. Repeat the exercise 15 times. Relax and do 3-4 more approaches. Over time, you can add weights - during the exercise, hold dumbbells or plastic bottles of water in your hands.

3. Lying on your left side, bend your left arm at the elbow. Leaning on your left arm, stretch your legs and straighten your back. Raise your right leg up as high as possible, then lower it. Repeat the exercise 10-15 times. Relax, do 2-3 more approaches. Lie on your right side and repeat the exercise for your right leg.

By the way, all these exercises also contribute to weight loss."

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