Nutritionist Named Three Main Causes Of Obesity In Russians

Nutritionist Named Three Main Causes Of Obesity In Russians
Nutritionist Named Three Main Causes Of Obesity In Russians

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The number of obese people is growing every year, nutritionist and author of weight loss books Mikhail Ginzburg told the VZGLYAD newspaper, commenting on the statement that more than half of Russians are overweight. This is due to low physical activity and unhealthy diet.


The chief freelance nutritionist of the Ministry of Health, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Viktor Tutelyan said that more than half of the inhabitants of Russia are overweight and obese. Moreover, in the villages, according to him, there are more people with problem weight. He also stressed that in the first two years of life, 26% of children are overweight and 20% are obese.

“I'm not sure that half, but about a third of Russians are definitely overweight. It just still depends on the age group, because there are more adults with this problem. And if we take the age of 50-60 and above, then there is even more. Gender statistics show that women are more likely to be obese. In general, the trend is disappointing,”says Ginzburg.

He draws attention to the fact that every year the number of overweight people is increasing all over the world. This is due to the fact that there are more and more forms of leisure that are not associated with physical activity, and in order to get the desired share of pleasure, it is no longer necessary, for example, to go to the other end of the world, but you can simply turn on the TV.

“The second point is a very unpleasant negative dynamics in food production: there is more and more sugar and fat in food, and there are also trans fats. As a result, we suffer from obesity,”the doctor explains.

According to the criteria of overweight and obesity existing in Russia, there are even two-year-old children with weight problems, the expert continues. Firstly, it is influenced by a genetic predisposition to obesity. Secondly, the cause is overfeeding, overeating and limited mobility.

“Some parents tend to limit the physical activity of their children. This is primarily due to the fact that we all live rather crowded in Russia - children really have nowhere to move around. Second, if they start running, it becomes noisy. And thirdly, the question arises, what should the child do to make him move less and act up less? The answer is food,”says Ginzburg.

It turns out that often parents of obese children try to feed the child more than to stir it up, which is wrong, the doctor emphasizes. All of the above in aggregate gives such an unfavorable result.

“And the third point, in obese families, the very attitude to nutrition is somewhat different than in the rest. That is, they try to feed them with more fatty and high-calorie foods, which is a problem. As for genetics, this is not a sentence. Such a predisposition to obesity only suggests that the child, with the above factors, simply gains weight easier and more difficult to lose,”explains the nutritionist.

He says that the genetic predisposition to obesity is found in the inhabitants of all countries on Earth. The fact is that since the inception of man all over the world, selection has gone to isolate the preservation of those inclined to be overweight, because such people survived under conditions of hunger. They did not develop obesity, but if necessary, they could accumulate this fat. And all living people today are the descendants of those very "survivors."

“And the fact that in our villages many people are overweight is also not surprising. In the villages now, and always have been, very long periods of inactivity. As winter comes - what to do there? Nowhere to go, they are sitting at home. Previously, it was still balanced by some kind of seasonal activity, scarcity of food.That is, in fact, the factors are the same: inactivity, improper food, genetics,”summed up Ginzburg.

Earlier, the President of the Russian Cardiological Society, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Yevgeny Shlyakhto said that in obese patients the risk of death from coronavirus infection is almost nine times higher and the likelihood of a severe course of the disease increases seven times.

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