Three Easy Steps Can Help A Person Beat Burnout

Three Easy Steps Can Help A Person Beat Burnout
Three Easy Steps Can Help A Person Beat Burnout

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Video: How to Bounce Back from Burnout in 3 Simple Steps | Allan Ting | TEDxWilmingtonLive 2022, December

It is generally accepted that the depressed state is well compensated by purchases or a number of external factors. In such situations, a simple principle works: a bad mood - you bought something new - your mood has improved. A similar thing happens when people "seize" problems. A professional business consultant, an advisor to senior executives, in an interview with the correspondent of the Patriot Media Group, explained that this method was wrong.


“But if you think about it, our mood is what we ourselves produce within ourselves. That is why we do not need intermediaries between our emotions. And letting intermediaries decide how comfortable we feel, whether we are satisfied with our lives and ourselves at the moment, is at least strange,”Shanin said.

There are many techniques for dealing with negative states. However, most of them will not provide 100% of the result, the specialist said. This, in part, is explained by the psychology of the Russian person, for whom such states as the desire for solitude, indifference to what they love, frequent discontent, chronic fatigue, decreased immunity, and weakness are in the order of things.

Sooner or later, you need to get rid of such conditions, Shanin said. At the same time, the need for this at some point becomes as obvious as possible. An effective method of dealing with accumulated stress and emotional burnout is a technique called "Sail", which must be followed strictly according to the instructions.

“Stage number one: track deep breaths. Stage number two: take a second deep breath immediately after the first. Step number three: track the difference between breaths. Track a richer breath,”said the coach.

As a result, the person has two deep breaths. One of them helps, as it were, to "reach the top", to reach the point of pleasure. In the second, it is no longer possible to achieve such a result, so the person does not receive so much satisfaction.

“As soon as we tracked the inhalation in which we“reach the top”and reached the point of pleasure, we consciously begin to refuse to reach this top, or in other words, interrupt the inhalation until the point of pleasure is reached,” the specialist explained.

The task of "Sails" is a complete refusal of "reaching the top" and finding a way to move to the point of pleasure every time it is needed. At first, it may seem to a person that he is suffocating, so it is important to control the process. This is because everything has a price.

“We kind of postpone the goal of“reaching the top”and moving to the point of pleasure another time, hour, day, month, year. The challenge is to completely abandon this, or in other words - a complete rejection of going to the point of pleasure on an ongoing basis with tracking daily changes in the emotional state,”he said.

If, as a result, a person manages to switch to a new breathing regime, then after a few days he sees changes in his mood. Thanks to the technique, it will begin to improve every day. Thus, it will be possible to get rid of the accumulated stress and forget about the condition called "emotional burnout", said Alexander Shanin.

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