Heart Disease, Cancer And Other Diseases That Claim Millions Of Lives

Heart Disease, Cancer And Other Diseases That Claim Millions Of Lives
Heart Disease, Cancer And Other Diseases That Claim Millions Of Lives

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The good news is that the average life expectancy in the world is increasing. Over the past twenty years, people have begun to live six years longer. Bad news: in Russia last year, against the backdrop of a pandemic, claimed 10% more lives compared to 2019 (the last time the absolute mortality was higher only in 2010). Experts will still appreciate the "contribution" of COVID-19 to mortality rates around the world, but we will tell you about the ranking of diseases that annually claim millions of lives.

Not coronavirus, but cardiovascular pathologies

As the doctor and TV presenter Elena Malysheva does not get tired of repeating, while everyone is afraid of coronavirus infection (and not unreasonably), completely different diseases become the main causes of death. Thus, only 5% of the population die of old age. And the average age of death in the country is 72 years. Diseases of the cardiovascular system remain the main cause of deaths, Rosstat reports from year to year. And not only in Russia - all over the world.

Doctors note that circulatory diseases (strokes, heart attacks, coronary heart disease and a number of others) are rapidly growing younger and many patients with cardiac pathologies have been observed since the age of thirty. While it was previously believed that these are diseases of predominantly elderly people.

Ischemic heart disease (CHD) remains one of the most common heart pathologies. With its development, blockages of blood vessels may occur, supplying blood to the tissues of the heart. The cause of the blockage is a blood clot or a detached atherosclerotic plaque. There are many reasons for the onset of the disease:

diabetes; high blood pressure; overweight, obesity; smoking; constant stress; heredity; high cholesterol levels.


Atypical symptoms that signal heart disease named

Don't miss the alarming symptoms

A torn off atherosclerotic plaque can block the vessel and lead to a heart attack. A person at this moment will feel chest pain. It is often described as burning, pressing, possibly nausea, shortness of breath and dizziness. Heart pricks are rarely a sign of a heart attack. But chest pain may just be a characteristic symptom. There is only one advice: immediately call an ambulance. It is sad that many patients manage to endure a heart attack on their legs, that is, without giving due importance to the characteristic pain. If your elderly parents shrug off reminders to go to the doctor and keep on taking medication, that's a bad sign. Perhaps it will be useful to remind about world statistics. Heart disease has remained the leading cause of death for the past 20 years. And, alas, the numbers are only growing, although with diagnostics everything is getting better.

With ischemic heart disease, a number of methods are used: often a diet aimed at losing weight and combating atherosclerosis. A number of drugs that lower blood cholesterol levels, drugs aimed at restoring the rhythm of the heart, diuretics, and so on. Sometimes surgery is required.


Cancer incidence on the rise

In second place in the ranking of fatal diseases are cancer. Over the past 10 years, the incidence of cancer among Russians, according to Rosstat, has increased by more than 20%. Doctors explain this by a number of reasons: general aging of the population (they began to live longer, and the risk of oncology increases with age), improved diagnostics of the population. In women, breast cancer is in the lead, in men - cancer of the trachea, bronchi and lung. In the early stages, carcinoma is better treated, so you should not neglect the annual medical examination. Plus, don't ignore the following symptoms:

non-healing ulcers, wounds;

lumps in the chest, armpits;

sudden weight loss;

change in the appearance of moles and warts;

persistent headaches and a number of others.

Pneumonia and more

In third place is chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The difficulty is that at first the pathologies of the lungs are asymptomatic. The development of COPD may be indicated by:


persistent cough;


constant fatigue.

Patients often do not pay attention to these signals for a long time. Doctors remind: experienced smokers and people working in hazardous industries, as well as those who live in ecologically polluted areas, are at risk. And do not forget that one of the most common causes of death worldwide remains pneumonia - pneumonia of an infectious origin.


How to check your lungs at home and what symptoms should alert you

Diabetes and Alzheimer's Disease

Other diseases that claim millions of lives around the world are, according to statistics, Alzheimer's disease and diabetes mellitus. Women are more likely to suffer from Alzheimer's - they are more likely to die from this pathology. And WHO officials note that deaths from diabetes worldwide have increased by as much as 70% over the past twenty years. And here men already die more often - in 80% of cases.

From a relatively good point, it can be noted that HIV and AIDS as a cause of death in global statistics dropped from 8th to 19th place (we are talking about the period from 2000 to 2019). But in Africa specifically, AIDS is among the top five causes of death.

Tuberculosis was the world's deadliest infection in 2017. The disease is transmitted by airborne droplets, as well as through objects used by the patient. It is very easy to get infected. Nevertheless, in a few years, global mortality has decreased by 30%. Thanks to priority programs and new diagnostic methods. But victory is still far away, because the disease still affects people living in poverty, unsanitary conditions.

To summarize, doctors never tire of repeating that early diagnosis is the best method of treatment (whatever it may be). Most people come to the doctor with an existing disease and not always at an early stage. To avoid the development of many pathologies, you can go through medical examination on time, taking care of your health.

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