Surgical Energies Restore Women's Health

Surgical Energies Restore Women's Health
Surgical Energies Restore Women's Health

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It is the surgical energy that allows the tissues to be very carefully separated, after which they grow together and regenerate. In gynecology and gynecological surgery, the use of modern surgical energies is irreplaceable. Plasma energy allows abnormal tissue to be vaporized. Today there are devices that combine several energies at once and allow the surgeon to perform the entire operation with one instrument. At the same time, the operation time is reduced, the recovery period after surgery, and, no less important, the risk of injury is reduced.

According to Alexey Ignatiev, an obstetrician-gynecologist (surgeon) of the highest category of the Hospital Center of the Mother and Child - IDK clinic, innovative developments help to cope with such common pathologies as cysts without risking the fertility of young patients. “During ovarian surgery, healthy tissue could be removed along with pathological ovarian cysts or other tumors using traditional methods. Surgical energies help to perform ovarian surgery more delicately,” says Aleksey Ignatiev. “To stop bleeding during surgery, special substances are used that do not reduce ovarian reserves ".

Often, women, having felt pain in the lower abdomen, cannot independently choose which doctor to turn to for help. If pain in the upper abdomen is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, stool disturbance, then in this case it is worth contacting a surgeon. Alexey Ignatiev spoke about how the symptoms of some gynecological diseases manifest themselves. "Rupture of a cyst, ectopic pregnancy, torsion of the ovary, fallopian tube are most often accompanied by severe, abrupt pains in the lower abdomen," said the obstetrician-gynecologist. "The main difference between these pains from all others is that they are very intense, abruptly occurring and require immediate contacting a gynecologist to take measures to eliminate them. " Therefore, if the sudden pains do not go away and their intensity increases, you need to contact your gynecologist immediately.

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