Scientists Have Told How You Can Not Treat A Cold

Scientists Have Told How You Can Not Treat A Cold
Scientists Have Told How You Can Not Treat A Cold

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Many conventional home treatments for ARVI and influenza do not actually help to heal, but, on the contrary, harm. A group of Russian scientists talked about how not to treat sick people on the pages of the media.


Thus, biologist and pharmacologist Natalya Opykhtina told Komsomolskaya Pravda that a person who has caught a cold should not be given hot milk and drinks based on it.

Milk proteins (caseins) prevent the body from quickly removing pathogenic components, for this reason it is better not to lean on milk during the period of illness, the expert advised.

The doctor noted that cold and flu viruses are "afraid" of an alkaline environment, so mineral water such as narzan or borjomi will be the most useful to drink. For a person who has already been ill, according to her, on the contrary, kefir and natural fermented milk products will be extremely useful.

In addition, it is better not to give sweets to those with flu and colds, especially flour fatty desserts. Opykhtina pointed out that such products lead to thickening of mucus in the body, which is dangerous in terms of the development of sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia. What is often given as a gift to sick people? Oranges. It seems that these fruits, as a source of vitamin C, are especially useful for colds.

But Natalya Opykhtina explained that citrus fruits negatively affect the absorption of anti-inflammatory drugs containing acetylsalicylic acid and taken by sick people by the body, such as aspirin. In addition, citruses irritate even more mucous tissue, which is already suffering from medication.

Also, you do not need to lean on raspberries and raspberry jam - and, above all, those who take blood-thinning drugs, drink aspirin, and also have chronic heart disease. Otherwise, there is a risk of unnecessary and dangerous bleeding.

Another anti-beneficial remedy is the urge to warm up and sweat. Warming up only intensifies inflammation and increases the load on the heart and blood vessels, said otolaryngologist Anatoly Smirnitsky.

So you do not need to do hot steam inhalations with nasal congestion and sinusitis, as well as compresses on the throat with angina - while there is a possibility of aggravating the infection.

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