Calorie Pandemic: How To Lose Weight While Sitting At Home For The New Year

Calorie Pandemic: How To Lose Weight While Sitting At Home For The New Year
Calorie Pandemic: How To Lose Weight While Sitting At Home For The New Year

Video: Calorie Pandemic: How To Lose Weight While Sitting At Home For The New Year

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The realities of the "new world" that have formed due to the pandemic have brought Russians even closer to their refrigerators. Thousands of residents of our country succumbed to the food temptation that awaits at a distance. As the experts said, many of the sophisticated nevertheless took up themselves and are now actively losing weight by the New Year. Or rather, they even changed their approach to "X dates." About how effective home workouts are, how to motivate yourself for transformation and why you can eat fat and lose weight - in the material


Strangled laziness online

A popular proverb says that the sleigh should be prepared from the summer. Actually, the Russians did just that, so they began to actively lose weight for the New Year holidays several months ago. According to the fiscal data operator Taxcom, from July to September sales of sports equipment increased by 17% compared to the same period in 2019 (the document is at the disposal of the editors). Moreover, most of all our compatriots bought dumbbells, jump ropes and rugs by bank transfer. Personal trainer Nadezhda Senkova confirmed to that Russians now prefer functional training and have generally changed their approach to transformation.


Author: Nadezhda Senkova [personal trainer, nutritionist, fitness testing specialist]

Now people are not preparing for the holiday holidays as they used to, but are focusing on improving their health and trying to take better care of their bodies in general. I am glad that now the Russians are more concerned not with their weight, but with the volume and appearance in general. Now trainees are more attracted to training with their own weight, without the active use of simulators. A significant part is now training in gyms on this principle, so that in case of their closure, they can continue to train at home. Online training is also in great demand, half of the instructors still work with people in this format.

According to the expert, homework has proven to be effective. In the "new reality" they are a good competitor to gyms. But it should be borne in mind that you need to approach online training with your head. It's not enough just to download the program and do the exercises on a whim, you can get hurt. It is better to seek the advice of a specialist and to disassemble in detail each element of your program.

Dumplings with bacon are not a hindrance

A personal trainer advised me to start losing weight with two sessions a week. But without changes in the diet, it will not work to get rid of those extra pounds. Another expert, nutritionist Daria Rusakova, agreed with this rule. According to the doctor, working remotely (and not only), it is necessary to create proper physical activity and eat on a clear schedule. Moreover, with the first option, you cannot work from the kitchen - do not tempt fate.


Author: Daria Rusakova [nutritionist, candidate of medical sciences, member of the expert council of NADN, leading specialist in conservative treatment of obesity at the Center for Weight Correction. N. E. Bauman]

The daily routine and food should be scheduled. Do not keep food close at hand, it is the mechanical absorption of food that is difficult to control. There must be breakfast - a dish of eggs or cottage cheese, a piece of poultry meat is also allowed, plus a vegetable or fruit salad. For lunch, it is desirable to have soup and a second piece of meat or fish with a vegetable side dish. They have fewer calories than cereals. Supper should be four hours before bedtime, and it should be light - fish or poultry with vegetables. Before going to bed, you can drink an unsweetened fermented milk drink.

The specialist added that snacks are not prohibited, but they must also be correct.For this, nuts or dried fruits (30 grams can be used), sour milk drinks, low-fat cheese and cottage cheese are perfect. But it is better to drink tea with sugar-free marshmallow or berries or fruits. You are allowed to eat your favorite foods in small quantities. For example, 10 grams of chocolate a day or a small portion of dumplings once a week will not harm your figure.

Now it is important to take care of your immunity as well. A thin piece of bacon (20-30 grams) for breakfast will indeed be very useful and will not add extra pounds. The main thing is that everything is in moderation, not to overeat. You need to draw up a special table for yourself. You can calculate how many calories you spend, and how much you eat, you can yourself or seek help from a specialist, concluded Rusakova.

Instructions for parting with excess kg

If you follow all the advice of experts and work on yourself in a comprehensive manner, the desire to lose weight will have a positive effect on emotional health. Psychologist Tatyana Salomatova told that this will help change the focus of attention from a negative agenda to improving oneself.


Author: Tatiana Salomatova [psychoanalytic psychologist]

In general, in the fall, there is a general deterioration in the mood of Russians. Exercise, proper nutrition and a clear daily routine will help improve it and will be a good addition to improving the quality of life for people. You need to lose weight not by a specific day, but to understand that it is worth changing your lifestyle in general for the benefit of your health.

To make it easier for Russians to pull themselves together and be motivated for positive changes, the experts gave some more useful advice. First, you need to set yourself two goals - small and large. For example, do it clearly three times a week and lose two unnecessary kilograms in a month.

Secondly, it is worth setting a specific time for training. It should come to automatism, how to commute to work by a certain hour. The third tip is to keep a journal. All your actions, results and emotions can be recorded there. Fourthly, if your hands frantically reach for the refrigerator, ask yourself the question - why are you doing this, are you really hungry or are you just eating stress.

The fifth rule is to reward yourself (not with food!) And give thanks daily for every little effort. And the last thing that can significantly help in losing weight - visualize the ultimate goal on a Whatman paper (write your wishes, stick motivating pictures). Then you need to put this poster on the refrigerator and start acting.

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