Don't Kill Yourself At The Gym

Don't Kill Yourself At The Gym
Don't Kill Yourself At The Gym

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Doctor of Medical Sciences, TV presenter and author of numerous books on health, Professor Sergei Bubnovsky is known as the author of kinesitherapy. Healing by the method of movement, if easier. Today he tells NA readers how to stay healthy if you work in an office.

Hurray to work!

Quarantine measures and self-isolation are gradually eased. Many categories of citizens have already come to work. One after another, still timidly, the offices of commercial companies are opening, many of which, during anti-virus events, either switched to remote work from home, or drastically reduced the number of office employees, whose presence in the workplace could not do without.

And immediately the old question of maintaining health during sedentary work arose sharply.

A healthy lifestyle has long been in vogue. A huge number of gyms and fitness centers, sometimes with exorbitant prices for classes and the services of personal trainers, is proof of this.

The magazines show photos from the fitness rooms, where the beefy men or fit women of the model look flex their muscles and smile dazzlingly. Yes, the picture is beautiful, but it has nothing to do with health. Appearance, even if so athletic, is by no means an indicator of real health. And often the opposite. Indeed, for such pictures, people often make great sacrifices, including pharmacological ones. They exhaust themselves with completely inhuman diets, lose weight by pressing on the heart.

I do not deny the benefits of fitness for healthy people. But a healthy lifestyle is not about pumping muscles. There is nothing wrong with exercising on simulators in a fitness center for a healthy person, as long as he is wisely suited to the load.

I wrote about this in my book Office without Risk. Exercise for office plankton ". Every girl or young woman wants to look beautiful and slim. She goes to the gym, where she exhausts herself with crazy loads against the background of the same anabolic steroids or protein-free low-calorie diets. Where does health come from? After such trainings, it is as if you cannot please to the hospital.

The body will tell

Life shows that for most of these fitness fans, the fuse fades pretty quickly. Working hard is rarely fun. Why are professional athletes with high results a piece goods? Yes, precisely because few are given to maintain such a pace over a long distance. Most are "blown away" in a month or two.

Girls give birth, after which they quit grueling activities. Young people either break down physically, or go to work, forgetting about simulators. And then everything is predictable: osteochondrosis with hernias and protrusions, headaches, chronic fatigue syndrome and panic attacks, since the Internet comes to replace the gym and stretching, accompanied by sitting on the "fifth point" with the earphone of the phone in the ear, and real life is replaced by virtual … The body, already tuned in to "shock work", is very painfully going through changes and a decrease in load. This life of "office plankton" usually begins after 25-30 years. And after 40, such people join a group of ordinary people with a pill in their pocket, a tonometer on their hand and fear for life.

What is a healthy lifestyle really? This is not barbells or stretching, this is not a diet for weight loss or, conversely, for muscle hypertrophy. And this is not exhaustion of the body in the gym. A healthy lifestyle is the correct care for the work of all functional systems of the body, which include:

musculoskeletal system (back and joints);

cardiovascular system (normal blood flow);

gastrointestinal tract (liver, gallbladder, intestines);

urinary system (kidneys and ureter);

urogenital system (pelvic organs);

bronchopulmonary system (breathing);

nervous system (coordination and motor skills);

the mental system (sleep and behavior that is deviant - that is, antisocial);

immune system (immunity).

First, you need to realize that regular exercise, even if nothing hurts, is a pleasure! This is good for the body, which in this case will serve you faithfully and truthfully even in old age. Therefore, it is necessary to do gymnastics and exercise on simulators so that your body requires exercise, so that you cannot imagine life without them. And, as practice shows, this does not take much time, it can always be found in your schedule. Even at work. The body itself will tell you the required level of exercise. Pleasant fatigue after a workout cannot be confused with exhaustion.

The simplest thing in the office is the abductor, the abduction. Buy a rubber band (expander) in the form of a ring from a sports store. Sitting on the edge of a chair, slide your legs inside the rubber ring and spread them as far apart as possible. Fix your legs in extreme positions for 8-10 seconds. The pause is 10–20 seconds. Repeat the exercise at least three times. The rubber circle should be picked up by stretching it out with your feet in this position if possible. Rubber circles (expanders), as a rule, have a strength scale - 10 kg, 15 kg, 20 kg, etc., so purchase them depending on your physical capabilities, leg strength, arms.

Be healthy!


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