Press Of Your Dreams: 5 Video Tutorials From The Stars

Press Of Your Dreams: 5 Video Tutorials From The Stars
Press Of Your Dreams: 5 Video Tutorials From The Stars

Video: Press Of Your Dreams: 5 Video Tutorials From The Stars

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We analyze the exercises of the main sports bloggers together with the fitness bikini Christina Kukushkina.


Amanda Bisque Set

I can't endorse Amanda's superset entirely because of the first oblique build.

If you think that this way you can "magically" get rid of fat on the sides or narrow the waist, you are mistaken. In fact, pumped up obliques visually expand your waist!

The second exercise is suitable for advanced athletes, but beginners should be careful: you may notice discomfort in the lower back. My advice to you is to pump your abs, pressing your lower back to the floor until you are sure that your back is strong and ready for serious stress.

Kayla Itsines complex

Nice, burning complex. To enhance the effect in the second exercise (when Kayla raises her legs), I advise you to raise the pelvis - then you will feel the work of the muscles.

Doing the second exercise, do not put your feet on the surface - to get into the shape of your dreams sooner, keep them on weight.

Emily Skye workout

The third complex should be divided into exercises. The first exercise will work for you. For efficiency, I advise you to press your lower back to the floor and do the classic forward twists.

The following two exercises may not work for everyone. The abs that most of my clients dream of is the rectus muscle. These two exercises use not only what we need, but also the obliques. I recommend taking a close look at Emily's body in the video - she has perfect abs, but her waist is quite wide. If this option does not suit you, stop at the first exercise.

Anna Victoria Set

I would replace the first exercise with raising the legs - lower abdominal pumping is more important in the struggle for beautiful and feminine forms.

The ball is a great weighting agent! Suitable for athletes who are not preparing for summer for the first time. Start with a small weight and increase it as you gain strength.

I put an A for the bar. This exercise works all your core muscles (abs, shoulders, back, arms) - be sure to include it in your workout, even if you are a beginner.

Isabelle Goulard's workout

This complex, I would call "Whatever Isabelle amused herself with." If you are bored with banal exercises - this is your option! TRX loops will help diversify the training process, you will get new sensations.

The press is worked out effectively, but the element with the extension of the legs to the sides does not in any way affect the study of the rectus muscle - this part can be skipped with a clear conscience.

Interview and text: Dilyara Telyasheva

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