Volgograd Residents Declared War On Flu

Volgograd Residents Declared War On Flu
Volgograd Residents Declared War On Flu

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Prophylactic vaccination against influenza continues in the region. Vaccinated and medical students. The annual vaccination campaign against influenza and ARVI at Volgograd State Medical University this year began even a little earlier than usual - at the end of August.


It is important to get vaccinated on time

Students understand the importance of prevention. Many of them help in hospitals, including infectious diseases, and they need additional protection during colds. Getting a flu shot this fall is also very important in order to avoid complications and a double illness - a new coronavirus infection and seasonal.

The medical office at the university is open from 13.00 to 18.00 for everyone who wants to get vaccinated. Future doctors are offered a well-proven drug of domestic production. There are no allergies and side effects from it.

Natalya Chepurina, the head physician of the Family Medicine clinic of the Medical University, spoke about the peculiarities of vaccination of students this year:

- We are focused on high performance due to the difficult epidemiological situation with the coronavirus. The university has about 5,000 students, and about 75% of them will be vaccinated. Through vaccination, we hope to develop a herd immunity against influenza, which in turn should ensure low morbidity among students and staff, as well as in our families. This is another contribution to the health care system of the region!

“Before vaccination, the patient can ask all the questions of interest about the vaccine and sign a voluntary informed consent for the procedure,” explains the therapist of the clinic Anastasia Alimova. - The question of admitting a student or university employee to vaccination is decided immediately - according to the results of thermometry and on the basis of an anamnesis for allergies to the components of the drug and chicken protein. If a person is not sick and has not had exacerbations of chronic diseases in recent weeks and allergies, he receives the vaccine.

Protecting not only yourself from the flu

Students understand the importance of the vaccination campaign and are active advocates of it, bringing information to their families and friends. This is exactly what Anastasia Boytsova is. She is a fifth-year student at the pediatric faculty, she began to get vaccinated against the flu at school and continued to do this every year already at the university.

- I am sure that if I get the flu, it will be mild. And most importantly, this will allow me to avoid the formidable complications associated with it, - explains Nastya. - And the vaccine really works - I never got the flu! I hope I won't get sick this year either. And not only me. My parents live in Mikhailovka, and they also took root two weeks ago. In our family, it’s like this: a flu shot has become a prerequisite for well-being.

Polina Plyutina, a third-year student of the Faculty of Pediatrics, is not only vaccinated against the flu herself every year, but also successfully campaigns for her loved ones.

- For me, getting vaccinated against the flu is a good habit since school, - the girl shares. “This avoids the main complication of influenza - pneumonia. To prevent this from happening, it is better to inject yourself once - and live, study, work calmly.

Polina confesses: she has been consciously approaching vaccinations since the eighth grade. She seriously studied biology, the mechanism of action of preventive vaccines on the human body and understood that vaccination is indispensable.

- As a future pediatrician, I myself will definitely recommend that the parents of my patients vaccinate them against influenza annually.This is very important for the health of children, since it allows many times to reduce the risk of morbidity and the course of chronic diseases, if any.

If necessary, I will inject

For the fourth-year student of the pediatric faculty Yegor Sokolov, going and getting vaccinated is a familiar thing.

- I, - he explains, - have no contraindications, so why not worry about your health? I never get the flu, and I have never had any flu-related illnesses. So the nursery rhyme "I'm not afraid of vaccinations, if necessary - I will inject!" it's about me!

As a future doctor, Yegor reminds: if you suffer from allergies, then before vaccination, you should consult with your doctor in order to find out contraindications.

A second-year student of the medical faculty, Andrei Baev, told why he considers it important to be vaccinated:

- I have to take care not only of myself, but also of those around me, and therefore, as a responsible citizen, I vaccinate so as not to infect anyone and not to get infected from anyone. This is my personal choice. Our teachers have argued and convincingly laid out the importance of vaccination for us, all the arguments "for" and "against". And I realized: it's better to get vaccinated. What I wish everyone!

Note that, according to the latest data from the territorial Office of Rospotrebnadzor, more than 640 thousand residents of the region have been vaccinated against influenza. That is, in fact, one in four. And this is great!

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