Allergy - The Plague Of The 21st Century: How To Define An "enemy" By Blood?

Allergy - The Plague Of The 21st Century: How To Define An "enemy" By Blood?
Allergy - The Plague Of The 21st Century: How To Define An "enemy" By Blood?

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She makes us wrinkle painfully at the sight of flowering plants, forcing us to deny ourselves the pleasure of having a pet, and even banning our favorite treats.


Allergy. It is called the most common disease of the 21st century, from which more than 40 percent of the world's population suffers. According to the forecasts of doctors, there are even more allergy sufferers, it is just that for many the disease proceeds imperceptibly, without causing inconvenience and without requiring the intervention of specialists. Not yet demanding.

This enemy of our health is dangerous, first of all, because it is not visible to the eye, and it is extremely difficult to identify the problem. Nevertheless, in every home you can find at least 6-7 sources of allergy development, from ordinary dust to household chemicals. Heredity also has a significant effect: if one of the parents has an allergy, the risk of developing the disease in a child is 33%, if both suffer, the risk increases to 70 percent. Unfortunately, most allergens do not surround us at a certain time, but all year round, so treatment is urgent. Our blood will help to detect the invisible enemy.

Allergy Wicked Jokes

The most modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of allergies are mastered by the specialists of the Orenburg Regional Blood Transfusion Station at the Medical Center on Maysky Proezd. Here, patients can receive a full range of medical services, and the first step will necessarily be an individual examination plan.

“There are various methods for diagnosing allergies,” notes the allergist-immunologist, doctor of the highest category Irina Fedotova, “and many doctors believe that they can be used only when there is no flowering. For example, skin testing is suitable for the cold season. But medicine does not stand still! Now we have mastered the methods of molecular diagnostics of blood allergy. They are not only not inferior, but in many respects surpass the standard types. And now it is possible at any time of the year, even with the flowering of the "causal" grass, to determine the class of allergy and find out which allergen played such a cruel joke on a person, rewarding him with seasonal rhinitis, asthma or any other manifestations of this disease.

In the Department of Gravitational Blood Surgery, patients are presented with a full range of high-tech procedures. The method of gravitational plasmapheresis allows you to effectively purify blood for a variety of allergic pathologies. And as a result - a stable long-term remission! The head of this department is Irina Kaverina, who does not hide her pride:

- Unlike standard medical methods that are accepted all over the world, our methods allow the body to cleanse itself of allergies, circulating immune complexes: hardware purification of blood, ozone therapy, intravenous laser and ultraviolet irradiation of blood. This is a targeted therapy that acts directly on the detected "target". Such techniques make it possible to adjust the composition and properties of blood and increase the effect of drug therapy.

Health inside and out

It is the blood that takes the first blow of harmful substances that can cause allergic reactions. Immunologists and allergists of the Center remind that a healthy body begins with healthy blood and healthy skin. With allergies, this is very often a direct link: among the most common skin reactions are urticaria, eczema, atopic dermatitis and neurodermatitis. Premium cosmeceuticals developed in the laboratory of cell technologies will help to bring order to the skin.

“In our medical center, work is carried out in a comprehensive manner by all specialists,” says dermatovenerologist, cosmetologist Ekaterina Gedz. - We cleanse the body - we cleanse the skin. Using our cosmeceuticals, we heal and rejuvenate the body both internally and externally.

The specialists of the regional blood transfusion station at the Mayskoye Medical Center offer the most modern equipment for servicing their patients and guarantee the highest level of treatment and follow-up. Only people who are truly in love with their work can be so confident in their words. You can be convinced of this as soon as you open the door of the Center, because the path to health here begins right from the threshold.

Orenburg Regional Blood Transfusion Station The Medical Center operates at the address: Orenburg, Mayskiy passage 2/1.

Tel. +7 (3532) 45-30-57

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