Efremov Will Undergo A "rejuvenation Course" In The Colony

Efremov Will Undergo A "rejuvenation Course" In The Colony
Efremov Will Undergo A "rejuvenation Course" In The Colony

Video: Efremov Will Undergo A "rejuvenation Course" In The Colony

Video: Ефремов о друзьях-предателях. Так что Гармаш на аварии возможно сам по себе от ФСБ, да и все похоже 2022, November

He was imprisoned for the next 7.5 years. But in return, apparently, he acquired something …


Many fans, after what happened to Mikhail Efremov, did not turn away from the idol. They are worried about him. And they are keenly interested: how is he there - in prison? According to the latest reports, everything is fine with him. And even better than you might expect! In the pictures with Efremov, which recently leaked into the big world from places not so distant, the actor looks much fresher and younger than when he was free.

“When he was free, he drank, so he looked bad,” says the narcologist Andrei Chistyakov. - He, as I think, had alcoholism at the stage at which very serious changes take place in all systems of the body. Indeed, even by appearance, one can determine that a person, in a simple way, is a drunken drunkard: a puffy face, the skin has a reddish, sometimes with a bluish tint. This is because with the constant and abundant use of alcohol, all blood vessels expand. The kidneys, trying to remove toxins from the body, work in an enhanced mode, so dehydration occurs. Because of this, the elasticity of the skin is lost, and many wrinkles appear.

When a person stops drinking (and Efremova is probably not poured in the colony), the process is reversed. The vessels are narrowed. As a result, the puffiness subsides, the skin color is evened out, spots are lightened, rashes disappear, and wrinkles are reduced. And even the contour of the face becomes clearer.

Mikhail Olegovich has not been able to drink alcohol for several months. Therefore, his transformation is especially noticeable. Now his internal organs are gradually switching to a normal, healthy mode of work. Their full recovery will take time - 2-3 years. Something will not recover at all; in alcoholics, some changes are irreversible. But when Efremov is released, we probably will not recognize him. And all thanks to a sober lifestyle, adherence to a daily routine and a moderate diet.

It turns out that in prisons, Mikhail Olegovich will undergo a kind of rejuvenation and recovery course. And in terms of creativity, he will have all the opportunities for self-realization. Indeed, on the territory of the colony there is its own House of Culture, where the actor will probably be allowed to stage performances and spend leisure evenings.

Mikhail Nikiforov.


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