How To Lose Weight After The New Year Holidays? Coach And Nutritional Advice

How To Lose Weight After The New Year Holidays? Coach And Nutritional Advice
How To Lose Weight After The New Year Holidays? Coach And Nutritional Advice

Video: How To Lose Weight After The New Year Holidays? Coach And Nutritional Advice

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Returning to the usual regime does not always help to get rid of "holiday" pounds.


The New Year holidays are already over, which means it's time to get in shape! Hardly anyone is happy with a couple of extra pounds gained because of Olivier and jellied meat. Together with a nutritionist and personal trainer Andrey Semeshov, we figure out how to return the "last year" figure.

Can weight go away on its own?

It would seem, why limit yourself in food and increase the number of loads, if "holiday" kilograms were gained due to an exceptional situation? It will go away by itself! In fact, the body cannot easily return to its previous state, even if you restore the usual diet.

Andrey: There are chances that a couple of extra pounds "stick". Why is this happening? Before the holidays, the body kept the weight unchanged, because the person adhered to a certain habitual diet. On holidays, a person gains 1-2 kg, and the body subsequently begins to "drag" them on itself. He just doesn't take them negatively. For him, these kilograms are a reserve for a rainy day, in case of hunger. Therefore, you will have to make an effort to get back in shape.

How to get rid of "holiday" pounds?

The nutritionist identifies two main ways to lose weight after the holidays:

Andrey: I advocate a mixed approach with a bias in favor of increasing physical activity. Adding physical activity is not as difficult as it seems. If you walk 5-6 thousand steps a day, try 12 thousand steps for two weeks. Park the car further than usual, get off the tram two stops early, and go for a walk in the evening.

How to normalize nutrition?

The expert advises against exhausting yourself with diets. Everything should be approached consciously and with a sober head. One of the options to switch from mayonnaise salads to proper nutrition is to order ready-made rations. Anastasia Grashkina, director and founder of the BeFit healthy food delivery service, spoke about the benefits of this approach.

Diversity. Proper nutrition does not mean monotonous. BeFit has about 600 dishes in its arsenal, and new ones appear regularly. When compiling the menu, seasonality and customer requests are taken into account. So, in autumn you can try pumpkin soup, and in winter - stew. At the same time, the diet changes weekly, so that the food does not have time to get bored.

Power constructor. The BeFit service allows you to add and exclude ingredients of your choice, for example, if you have allergies or don't feel like a certain product. In addition, you can evaluate the dishes you especially like and remove those that you did not like from the diet.

Fresh food. Ingredients for their dishes BeFit buy daily and carefully monitor the quality of the products. The blanks are stored in a special room, where they maintain a constant temperature of + 5 … + 7 degrees, which allows you to keep the products fresh. And after cooking, the dishes are cooled, packaged and immediately sent for delivery.

Menu for different purposes. You can choose a diet that is right for your needs: losing weight, maintaining weight, gaining muscle mass. There are also programs for vegetarians and vegans, no meat dishes or only fish dishes. And if in doubt, you can contact the BeFit operator - he will help you choose the most suitable menu.

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