After The Holidays: Life Hacks To Get In Shape

After The Holidays: Life Hacks To Get In Shape
After The Holidays: Life Hacks To Get In Shape

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After the holidays: life hacks to get in shape


New Year's holidays rarely pass without a trace for our body and skin - Olivier and champagne still make themselves felt. How to put yourself in order after such a binge? Alisa Lobanova, the founder of the chain of children's toys stores (just look at her figure!) Knows for sure! And shares life hacks with us.

No fasting days

"Eat Pray Love"

For the body, mountains of salads and sparkling wine were already stressful - you should not finish it off with another one in the form of a sharp decrease in calories! It is better to just smoothly return to the usual correct diet and eat only what the body really "asks" for.

Get back to sleep

"More than sex"

It is very important! I understand that one more episode of the series at three in the morning will not look at itself, but you will not be able to sleep before lunch, as on vacation. And lack of sleep leads to skin problems and excess weight.

More water


Water can solve dozens of problems with the body, so after a "boot" vacation, it is your must-have. It will relieve puffiness, help improve digestion and improve skin condition!

Don't forget about physical activity

"Sex in the City"

Moreover, in winter there are many alternatives to classic workouts - you can go to the rink, walk around the decorated center, and get up on skis or snowboards. Combine business with pleasure!

Make a plan

"Letters to Juliet"

And most importantly, stick to it. I advise you to stock up on healthy foods in advance so that there is no temptation to order "this last pizza", schedule workouts or other activities, prescribe sleep times and even meals. It will be easier to control yourself this way.

Use the right makeup

After the holidays, my irreplaceable helpers for the face are Valmont eye cream (from 8700 rubles), which tightens the skin and reduces puffiness, Cle De Paeu Beauty mask for skin radiance (from 3200 rubles), Valmont collagen mask (from 12 600 r.), a jade massage roller (from 2500 rubles) and a moisturizing serum with the effect of rejuvenation Cleopine (from 3000 rubles). Your face will definitely thank you!

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