I'm In The Red: 10 Life Hacks For Those Who Are Cold All The Time

I'm In The Red: 10 Life Hacks For Those Who Are Cold All The Time
I'm In The Red: 10 Life Hacks For Those Who Are Cold All The Time

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Real frosts have not yet hit, and you are already complaining about icy limbs and eternal chills? BeautyHack has collected tips for those who are constantly freezing, and talked about what health problems this may indicate.


Drink ginger tea

Warming your body from the inside is much easier than the room you are in. And hot drinks will just come to the rescue: they, of course, are not able to greatly raise the body temperature, but they will definitely contribute to warming up. And if you add ginger to the drink, then colds will not be scary. Its root enhances blood circulation and quickly warms, but you should not abuse spices in cold weather - other seasonings can lead to increased sweating, and as a result, you will freeze even more. Read about other winter drinks here.

Do breathing exercises

Tibetan meditation practice can help you warm up in just 10 minutes, but don't worry - you don't have to sit in the lotus position in the middle of a busy street. To do this, you need to master the so-called "vase breathing": take slow breaths and exhalations, imagining that warm air is concentrated in the lower abdomen. Repeat several times, and after the third or fourth exhalation, try to hold some of the air inside, contracting the abdominal muscles. According to research, this practice is so effective that it can raise your body temperature to 38.3 degrees.

Buy portable heaters

The best options are an electric blanket and pocket hand warmers. The first will come in handy both in the office and at home if the premises are not heated sufficiently. It is also much more convenient than warming the bed with hot water bottles or heating pads. But pay attention to contraindications: it is better not to use an electric blanket at elevated temperatures and during a cold. But pocket warmers will help keep your hands warm wherever you go - at a ski resort or on the way to work.

Replace the fireplace with candles

And imagine yourself in a cozy chalet in the middle of snow-capped mountains. Candles can not only quickly warm up the room in which you are, but also cheer you up (and also create a romantic atmosphere in the house, which will also be useful on cold winter days). Just place them around the room and decide what kind of aromatherapy effect you want: citrus scents will keep you in a good mood, lavender and incense will help relieve tension, and the scent of cinnamon and apple will create a festive atmosphere. You can get some inspiration to buy a new candle here.

Move more

We recall the laws of conservation of heat from childhood: the more we move, the less freezing. You can finally stop skipping intense workouts in the gym and start building muscle, but there is an easier way - do exercises for 15 minutes every day. Exercise will increase your heart rate and blood circulation. You can perform them not only at home, but also during a walk - even jumping on the spot will help you quickly get warm.

Prefer slow carbohydrates and fiber

In the cold season, we often experience a feeling of hunger - the body is thus trying to make "reserves" for the winter. Therefore, it is important not only to eat well, but also to pay attention to foods that saturate for a long time. The hunger will not go away from the next chocolate bar, but will only intensify - it is better to eat “long” cereals as a side dish: buckwheat, barley, quinoa. Add fiber-rich foods to your diet: it will take more energy to digest them, and this will slightly increase your body temperature. Find more tips on healthy eating in cold weather here.

Don't go on a strict diet.

Winter is not the best time for express diets and detox fasting.Lack of sunlight, dietary restrictions - all this adversely affects not only our appearance, but also our health. In the cold season, our body is rebuilt to produce and store heat, and this requires additional energy (about 400 calories). Therefore, do not be afraid to increase the calorie content of your daily diet by 15-20% and pay attention to what you eat if you are cold all the time.

Get tested for iron

If you are cold, even in a well-heated room, it is worth getting examined by a doctor. You may be missing certain micronutrients in your diet and need to take them in supplement form (read about the most important vitamins in winter here). And constantly freezing hands and feet can indicate a lack of iron in the body and be one of the symptoms of anemia. Of course, you should not prescribe vitamins and supplements on your own - for this you need a doctor's consultation.

Buy felt insoles

Yes, the most ordinary, cheap and unattractive felt insoles will keep your feet warm, even if you can't stand winter shoes. They are denser than fur, do not crumple and well isolate the foot from the sole (namely, the main cold comes from it). Do not forget about layering in clothes: wear a T-shirt under a sweater, wear a hat, scarf and gloves, but do not turn into Joey from Friends - let there be several layers, but they should not hinder your movements and impede blood flow.

Try a contrast shower

Regular contrast showers will not only help withstand the cold, but also effectively work on body fat. The change in temperature affects the metabolic rate in the body. Our body expends a lot of energy to keep warm - just keeping the body temperature around 37 takes about 1,400 calories. But you need to take a contrast shower correctly: after a little exercise in the morning and in the absence of colds and other diseases.

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