Tightened Skin Without Injections - How And With What?

Tightened Skin Without Injections - How And With What?
Tightened Skin Without Injections - How And With What?

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Everyone dreams of a wonderful product that will relieve you of wrinkles in two movements. BeautyHack is about the main component in the composition of products that will make a dream come true.


Smoothness and elasticity of the skin (the guarantee of its youth) are not possible without hyaluronic acid. Our body produces it on its own, but after 25 years it needs "support" from outside. At about the same time, the laws of physics begin to work, and the muscles relax - it becomes necessary to keep them in good shape.

Hyaluronic acid is a versatile magic wand that saves the skin from wilting by maintaining the moisture balance in our cells. Due to the sufficient amount of moisture, the skin retains its elasticity.

Hyaluronic acid comes in many different forms - basically, it differs in molecular weight.

High molecular weight works only with the upper layers of the epidermis, "fixing" the effect of other means. It will also be useful for night care in order to retain moisture in the skin throughout the night, preventing dehydration.

Medium molecular - affects the middle layers, replenishing the moisture that you have lost. It is perfect for daytime products - it will moisturize the skin for a long time.

But hyaluronic acid is not always enough to prevent aging - it also needs helpers. The solution was found by the Faberlic brand, presenting the Expert Skin Activator line, in which hyaluronic acid is combined with peptides - this allows you to fight the signs of aging even more effectively.

BeautyHack editor Daria Sizova tried day and night care products and told why she liked them.

Moisturizing Facial Serum Spray

An unusual two-in-one treatment: you get hydration and toning. The product cools the skin well (this is also important in autumn - the dry air of batteries and heaters makes the skin a branch of the Sahara Desert). The peptide complex can soothe the skin (again, fiery hello to batteries that cause irritation), and hyaluronic acid is a natural barrier against environmental "troubles". Solid "five"!

Price: 1 300 rub.

Revitalizing night face mask

I love products that work while I sleep (read why - read here). During the day, I often overload the skin with waterproof products that dry it out - at night I need an effective assistant who will restore it (and compensate for the lack of moisture).

I liked the product with its soft texture and rich composition. The peptide complex tones the skin - in the morning I wake up with a healthy complexion and smooth skin. Oxygen complex is not just a phrase on a package.

In the morning, the skin seems to glow from the inside - which means that the product saturates it with oxygen, which penetrates into the deep layers of the skin. With a clear conscience, I remove the remnants of the tonic and proceed to the daily ritual.

Price: 1 300 rub.

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