Hot Flashes Can Be Harbingers Of Dangerous Ailments

Hot Flashes Can Be Harbingers Of Dangerous Ailments
Hot Flashes Can Be Harbingers Of Dangerous Ailments

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Feeling the heat rolling now and then, increased sweating is not very pleasant. Especially if it is not summer outside, and the sweat instantly becomes sticky, cold, the heat is replaced by a slight shiver, but you are not able to cope with the hot flashes. Doctors say that it can throw you into a fever for various reasons, among which there are both harmless and quite dangerous. IA "Express-Novosti" provides the entire list of diseases, the first harbinger of which may be wave-like hot flashes.

1. Period of menopause

Most women over 40 have hateful hot flashes. They are associated with a decrease in estrogen levels and the entry into menopause. It is impossible to avoid sudden changes in well-being, but it is quite possible to alleviate the symptoms a little. Doctors recommend taking special medications that normalize hormones, a diet without fried and fatty foods, drinking plenty of fluids (not alcohol!) And moderate exercise.

2. Hypertension

Hot flashes often occur due to high blood pressure. It is very easy to check this pattern. It is enough to measure the pressure with a tonometer at the next high tide. At the same time, one should not forget that sharp surges in pressure may indicate not only hypertension, but also other dangerous ailments.

3. VSD

Experts say that insidious vegetative-vascular dystonia has been one of the most common causes of fever for decades. As a rule, VSD is accompanied by low or high blood pressure. The roots of the disease lie in disorders of the central nervous system. At the next hot flush, you can try to "stop" the symptoms with the following simple exercise. Inhale through your nose, sticking out your stomach and holding your breath for 3-5 seconds. Then you need to slowly release the air and at the same time draw in your stomach.

4. Disorders in the thyroid gland

Problems with the functioning of the thyroid gland can lead to metabolic fires. Hot flashes can occur even in cool weather and normal room temperatures. To make sure that it is the thyroid gland that suits you surprises in the form of sweating and a suffocating hot attack, you need to go to the hospital for donating blood for hormones and ultrasound examinations of the gland.

5. Brain tumor

Your thermoregulation can also malfunction due to a whole range of nervous diseases. Among them: panic attacks, depressive syndrome, as well as malignant formations in the brain. In this case, trying to deal with the symptoms is foolish and dangerous. First of all, you need to find the cause of the hot flashes. Sometimes it is the unstable body temperature that allows doctors to suspect an early stage of oncology in a patient. Listen to your body and then you can find a common language with it and, by the slightest ailments, determine a possible ailment.

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