The Woman Gave Up Fast Food And Lost 70 Kilograms

The Woman Gave Up Fast Food And Lost 70 Kilograms
The Woman Gave Up Fast Food And Lost 70 Kilograms

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35-year-old Angela Gerzanics from Michigan, USA, lost 70 kilograms after giving up fast food and sugary drinks. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Since childhood, the American ate junk food to calm down. Already at the age of nine, Gerzanix was diagnosed with overweight, over time the situation only worsened. To calm down after work, she stopped by McDonalds every day on her way home from work, before having dinner with her family.

In 2015, Gerzanix, who weighed 140 kilograms, realized that if she continued to lead an unhealthy lifestyle, she might not see her two sons grow up - 15-year-old Anthony and seven-year-old Justin. She was worried that due to her excess weight, she did not have enough strength to play with them. The American woman began to prepare for an operation to insert a gastric balloon.

In August 2016, she underwent a procedure. After her, Gerzanix changed her diet: she abandoned fast food and convenience foods in favor of fresh meat, vegetables, fruits and dairy products. The American has almost completely stopped drinking juices and soda, now she prefers water or black coffee. Every day she drinks at least two liters of water a day, the newspaper notes.

Gerzanix managed to give up the habit of eating in order to calm down. In June 2018, she underwent surgery to remove excess skin.

After losing weight, Gerzankis wears clothes ten sizes smaller and feels much more confident. The woman admits that the decision to lose weight has completely changed her life: now she has much more energy, which she spends on her family.

Earlier it was reported that a builder from the UK lost 20 kilograms because of the poems written by his wife. The woman wrote a poem about the hardships of marriage, in which her husband was called "a useless fat bummer." The husband accidentally saw him and thought about the changes.

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