What Kind Of Simulators Should A Beginner Be Wary Of?

What Kind Of Simulators Should A Beginner Be Wary Of?
What Kind Of Simulators Should A Beginner Be Wary Of?

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Uncontrolled exercises on the first simulator that comes across will not bring any benefit to the body, and with a high probability it can lead to serious injury. It is better to bypass such "dangerous" simulators until a certain result is achieved and experience in handling such equipment has not been accumulated. Even if they look harmless at first glance, they pose a serious danger to an unprepared person. Let's try to figure out which simulators are best suited under the supervision of a trainer.


Seated Leg Extension

The girls' favorite trainer, because it is quite easy and simple to perform exercises in it. But it often happens that the simpler the action, the less effective it is. And this is just such a case.

This simulator is aimed at training only the upper thigh, and the statement that it helps to strengthen all muscle groups of the legs is fundamentally wrong. Athletes who have been practicing for a long time can already correctly dose the load, but for a beginner, uncontrolled use of such equipment can result in injury.

Instead of this

If you need to give your legs a relief, it is best to use squats - this is much more effective and less dangerous.

In addition, when performing squats, the abdominal muscles are turned on, and if desired, a boring exercise can be diversified using additional weight or other execution technique.

Breeding and converging legs

This simulator is also quite easy to practice. Some, even with enthusiasm, will imagine how they hide extra centimeters from their hips in front of their eyes, and their legs acquire an attractive relief. But many professional athletes consider this simulator to be completely useless. It is well suited for strengthening muscles and maintaining tone, however, the load will not be enough for their active study.

Another problem is position. Sitting it is extremely difficult to properly perform exercises on the legs, as a result, an unprepared person copes with the load put on the mechanism in jerks. This technique is unacceptable and will rather increase the volume of the hips.

Instead of this

The best way out in such a situation is "plie". Exercise is akin to squats, only your legs need to be spread wider parallel to the floor. When performing this exercise, you need to keep your back straight. With this approach, the hips and buttocks are included in the work, making it possible to evenly work out the muscles.

Incline Bench Press

"What could be dangerous here?" - Many will ask. It seems to be a standard simulator and no difficulties for you. The danger lies in the wrong technique. When lifting the body on a bench with an incline, the back is rounded, as a result of which the spine receives additional unnecessary load. Those who use weighting elements are at particular risk.

Instead of this

If the correct technique for performing twisting on an incline bench is not yet available, it is better to give preference to the "plank" exercise. Such static tension for 30 seconds will evenly load the required muscles.

From an expert

Vera Ivanova, a specialist in training and rehabilitation programs, shared with us her opinion on this issue. “Many people do the crunches on the incline bench incorrectly. By habit, the body is pulled up to the pelvis and there is a deflection in the lower back. From this, an uncomfortable feeling of tension appears in the lower back, which the next day can turn into aching obsessive pains.

Correct execution of the exercise implies tight contact of the lower back with the support during the entire cycle of execution.It is allowed to round the back a little, and give the pelvis a little in front."

Smith's simulator. Squats

Sounds intimidating, doesn't it? However, such a machine is familiar to many athletes and allows you to perform squats in a strictly defined technique with weights, press the bar in an inclined and lying position. The machine "Smith" attracts by the seeming ease of working with weights. The bottom line is that the bar moves along the metal plates placed on the platform.

The main mistake of the "pioneers" of the gym is the opinion that squats on such a device are much safer than working with free-form weights. However, the Smith machine is the root cause of most of the health problems experienced by active practitioners. It is strictly contraindicated to start training on it, without the supervision of a mentor.

The simulator requires squatting in a strictly upright position, which, by nature, a person cannot do in principle. Hence, the wrong technique of execution and, as a result, problems with a once healthy back. You can endlessly list the possible complications from improper use of this simulator, but we will save the nerves of the reader.

Instead of this

The safest way to do the classic barbell squat is. But even in this case, do not forget about the observance of the technique, which is better to check with the trainer right away. Recall that the basic rule for doing barbell squats is that your hips are at a 90 ° angle to the floor.

From an expert

World and European champion in bench press among veterans, Alexander Petrov, claims that among athletes to this day there is a fierce debate related to bench press over the head in free form. In this case, it does not matter at all whether the exercise is performed lying on a support or sitting. He is also convinced that such loads are extremely dangerous and even a small oversight, made unknowingly, can lead to very serious injury. It is most acceptable to increase the number of repetitions, but not the weight itself, to protect the back and joints.

Bench press from a lying position

In many ways, the bench press is not that scary and is considered a healthy alternative to the classic squat. Everything is true, but there is always this treacherous "but". Failure to follow the technique inevitably leads to injuries to the joints and spine.

Often, performing this exercise, the trainee bends the knees all the way, almost touching the chin with them. In this position, the pelvis inevitably breaks away from the bench, the back is rounded and the spine receives an extra load. The correct technique is when the entire shoulder girdle and back are in contact with the support. When squeezing the platform, you should also take into account that the knees should not be straightened all the way, it is better to keep a slight angle in the joint. This will work exclusively on the muscle groups, bypassing the dangerous pressure on the joints.

Instead of this

It is much safer to start with regular squats. If this load is too small, you can use different weights or change the technique. Squats on the toes or with one leg on a support are considered extremely effective.

Delta Overhead Press Machine

Such simulators are used as an alternative to the conventional bench press with a barbell, if the athlete has contraindications regarding back health. Most often, the simulator is used at the end of the workout to provide "pumping" of the trapezius and deltoid muscles.

However, for women and girls, this machine can cause shoulder injuries. The reason is that most heavy duty machines are not suitable for beginners. The arms of women of standard size when working with the simulator are located quite wide, so the training can end with an injury to the shoulder girdle joint.

Instead of this

Even with a slight degree of self-doubt when working with such a simulator, it is better to just start with dumbbells. The shoulder press, with the correct weight and technique, will be just as effective and much safer.

From an expert

Successful fitness blogger and personal trainer Ksenia Martirosova has her own opinion on the dangers and safety of exercise equipment. “Every simulator is dangerous and All simulators are safe - two sides of the same coin. The only difference is "which side to turn." It's all about the correct approach to performing the exercise, and if at least one match was found with the conditions listed below, then it is better to refrain from using simulators without the strictest coaching control:

Improper use of the simulator. It also happens, and this is an extremely common phenomenon. For example, it happened to observe how the leg press is performed in the Smith machine.

Incorrect execution technique. Personally, I do not recommend approaching multi-joint machines for gym beginners. Such devices require almost perfect technology, which is almost impossible to achieve at the initial stage.

The load is incorrectly selected. It is necessary to correctly calculate your strength, otherwise you can run out of breath by the middle of the workout or, on the contrary, get an insufficient load.

Lack of concentration. You should never forget why you came to the gym. Better to put aside your phone while exercising and completely immerse yourself in the process.

My main recommendation: Don't be afraid to ask for advice.

Coming to the gym for the first time, do not neglect the advice of a trainer.

He will give detailed instructions and tell you how to use the existing equipment correctly.


Probably, everyone has already understood that any simulator will be dangerous if the exercises are not performed correctly. When going to the gym for the first time, do not forget about a few key rules:

Better to be a trainer.

If you are unsure of the correctness of the technique, it is better to clarify or completely exclude the exercise.

No big weight, for a start it is better to take light loads.

If you feel pain while doing the exercise, it is best to ask a specialist for advice.

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