AIDS Center Will Receive 2 Billion Rubles For The Fight Against HIV In Novosibirsk

AIDS Center Will Receive 2 Billion Rubles For The Fight Against HIV In Novosibirsk
AIDS Center Will Receive 2 Billion Rubles For The Fight Against HIV In Novosibirsk

Video: AIDS Center Will Receive 2 Billion Rubles For The Fight Against HIV In Novosibirsk

Video: ВИЧ в России / HIV in Russia (Eng & Rus subtitles) 2022, November

There are dozens of people in the corridors of the AIDS center. Someone came to the appointment for the first time after the diagnosis. But most are for correction of treatment. Patients with HIV infection need to be tested several times a year in order to know what the viral load and the general state of the immune system are.

“Our goal is to achieve an undetectable viral load so that the virus does not multiply. And so that secondary complications and diseases do not join,”says Vera Pestova, an infectious disease specialist at the polyclinic center for the prevention and control of AIDS.

Doctors achieve this goal in about a month of drug therapy. But you need to take drugs all your life. Yes, medications are not able to kill HIV infection in the body, but they stop its development. The patient becomes non-infectious and can live a fulfilling life.

Next year, the Ministry of Health plans to increase funding for the regional AIDS center. To allocate about 2 billion rubles for the fight against infection.

“The increase in antiretroviral therapy coverage is 80 percent. This is 15 percent more than last year. We have increased the number, this is a good indicator, the number on the dispensary is the cornerstone indicators. And it means that we can control the spread of the infection,”said Deputy Minister of Health of the region Elena Aksenova.

To make the treatment more effective, the center employs not only doctors, but also peer consultants. People who have been living with HIV for years and can answer any questions. Dmitry Narodnev has been ill for over ten years. He says: in his youth, he injected drugs intravenously, and became infected. Now he leads a healthy lifestyle, has a family, healthy children were born. “The principle“equal to equal”is the most appropriate here. Information from a doctor or psychologist is not always accepted. But a peer counselor is a living example of how you can live with HIV."

Doctors say that the portrait of a typical patient has changed. Previously, these were mainly drug addicts. Now - young people who are sexually active. The best way to protect yourself is through contraception. And they remind you that if there was a risk of getting infected, you should immediately go to the appointment.

“It is necessary that a person goes to the AIDS center within 72 hours, he will be prescribed therapy. Initially, we look at the background, tests for infection are required. The patient is monitored for a year, after which he is removed from the register,”says Ada Tsoi, head of the polyclinic department at the AIDS Center.

Additional tests are taken 3, 6 and 12 months after a potential infection. If HIV infection is not detected, the person is considered healthy. If the result is positive, treatment is started. The diagnosis is not reported to work or school. Doctors believe that everyone has the right to know their HIV status. Blood is taken for analysis free of charge at the AIDS Center.

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