I Was Born With One Kidney And I Run Marathons: The Real Story Of A Kazakhstani

I Was Born With One Kidney And I Run Marathons: The Real Story Of A Kazakhstani
I Was Born With One Kidney And I Run Marathons: The Real Story Of A Kazakhstani

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ASTANA, 14 Mar - Sputnik, Ksenia Voronina. The kidneys are the main filter in the human body. They purify the blood and produce urine. This is a paired organ, while one can be enough for the vital activity of the body - therefore, during transplant operations, donors are often the relatives of patients whose both kidneys have ceased to function.

Sputnik Kazakhstan met a 34-year-old Kazakh runner who was born with only one kidney.

I learned about the diagnosis as an adult

Until the age of 13, Sania (the name was changed at the request of the heroine) did not suspect that she was living with only one kidney.

"My diagnosis is aplasia of the left kidney and hypertrophy of the right. That is, from birth there is practically no one kidney, and the existing one is enlarged by one and a half times. But this does not mean that the right kidney" works in two "- it is half atrophied, which gives in some cases, indications for disability. But in my case, we can say that everything is in order, "- she says.

In the seventh grade, the girl passed the physical education standards and lost consciousness due to acute renal failure.

“I ran a cross, apparently, I did not calculate the load, I felt a sharp pain, my eyes darkened. All that I remember later is a hospital ward, a crying mother. Then the doctors said that physical activity was contraindicated for me. After that I was released from physical exertion. at school, university and in general. I was registered, followed a diet - these are certain inconveniences, especially for a woman, "the heroine shares.

Why are people born with one kidney?

As the interlocutor of Sputnik Kazakhstan said, her case is not unique, and there are quite a few people born with one kidney.

“When I was diagnosed, they talked about cases when sometimes the absence of a kidney was discovered by chance during an ultrasound scan, while the patient went to the hospital for a completely different reason. In my case, the doctors suggested that the second kidney did not develop due to the fact that I was born In such children, one kidney may be missing - it did not have time to develop, or babies are born with both kidneys, in which less than necessary, the number of glomeruli that make up the kidney is formed, which may subsequently affect the work of these organs ", - explains Sania.

The girl has an acquaintance with whom they have four kidneys for two - because the man was born with three kidneys.

"I rarely spread about my diagnosis, but when it happens, I learn the stories of other people. So, it turned out that in my environment there is a person who was" lucky "to be born with three kidneys. Unfortunately, this is also not the norm, not good for health, and he cannot just “give away the extra.” But we love to joke on this topic,”the heroine of the story tells with a laugh.

Have a kidney transplant been offered?

In 2014, in Almaty, there was a "thundering" case when a five-year-old boy who was born with one kidney was removed from the register for disability and stopped paying benefits. The medical commission considered that the child's second kidney is healthy and can support the vital functions of the body, and that transplantation is also not required - the child is no different from other healthy children, he only needs to adhere to a sparing "kidney" diet and undergo timely examinations.

"You can live with one kidney - and very successfully. In my case, the issue of a kidney transplant was considered, at one time I was on hemodialysis just because there were problems with the existing kidney. However, thanks to the doctors, the correct treatment and adherence to all I don't even have a disability recommendation, because there is no need for it, "says Sania.

She also notes that she studied a lot of information about the difficulties of organ transplantation, and came to the conclusion that it is better to save what is.

Return to sport

Sania has been running for two years now, both in summer and winter. Participated in several marathons in Astana and Almaty.

"I always like running, two years ago I decided to start evening jogging for myself - I approached this wisely, underwent examinations. Since my health condition allowed, I started to run. Then I began to go to trainings and joined the runners. I performed at the first half marathon after six months of training., after another six months I ran 10 kilometers at the winter race in Astana, "Sania said.

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Remembering the unsuccessful school cross, the girl monitors her health, regularly takes tests.

"The doctors joke that I will certainly die someday, but definitely not from running and not because of my kidneys," she laughs.

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How to keep your kidneys healthy

It is important to monitor kidney health not only for people who have been diagnosed with any problems, but also for everyone else.

"From the moment when I found out that I have a problem, I am grateful to myself that I lived the right life - diet and proper nutrition, I do not eat fatty and fried foods, I almost do not salt food - I am used to eating it bland. It is interesting that people, those suffering from kidney diseases should not eat bananas - they contain potassium. Alcohol and coffee are very harmful - they "dry", I only occasionally allow myself wine, although I love coffee very much - but I have to limit it. You can not drink sugary carbonated drinks - they are even worse, than alcohol. It is important to maintain a stable weight - you can not dramatically lose weight and gain weight, "- says Sania.

The girl draws attention to the fact that the greatest danger for people living with one kidney is represented by colds and viral diseases:

“If I start to get sick, I feel like everything is“blocked”for me, and then I go to the doctor,” the girl says.

Pregnancy, which should be planned, after consultation with a nephrologist and endocrinologist, can become a big test. The pregnant woman herself should be under close medical supervision.

People who want to maintain their health for a long time need to regularly drink at least 1-1.5 liters of clean drinking water, take blood and urine tests at least once a year, lead a healthy and active lifestyle, adhere to proper nutrition, limiting the use of red meat, as well as monitor blood pressure and body weight.

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