Victoria's Secret Angels: How Do Popular Models Train And Eat?

Victoria's Secret Angels: How Do Popular Models Train And Eat?
Victoria's Secret Angels: How Do Popular Models Train And Eat?

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Victoria's Secret Angels are legendary girls. To become an angel means to gain recognition, and few of the models do not strive for this. Each of them has their own secrets that allow them to keep in great shape, they all play sports regularly. And of course, it is not surprising that everyone prefers a certain type of physical activity.

Adriana Lima

Although from this year she is not officially an angel, but there are no former angels. In addition, the fact that she will no longer appear on the show, she will not cease to be a Victoria's Secret legend. So, boxing is Adriana's favorite sport. According to her, he makes her strong and self-confident, and this is simply necessary to work as a model. In addition, boxing is a highly energy-intensive sport that combines cardio and strength training. So there is nothing surprising in Adriana's choice.

Jasmine Tux

For her, the main thing is diversity. So she combines strength training with cardio, pilates and ballet. Variety in physical exercise is good because the muscles do not have time to get used to the load, so you do not have to strain and come up with new exercises. At the same time, basic squats and lunges will provide an excellent load precisely due to the fact that they are not constant components of training.

Candice Swanepoel

One of the most popular angels uses weights to increase the effectiveness of training. Despite the low weight, with the correct exercise, the result will be impressive. By the way, weights are an excellent solution for home workouts, they can easily replace dumbbells, moreover, they do not have to be constantly held in your hands.

General principles of angel training

Whatever physical activity they choose, regularity remains the main principle. To get such an amazing figure, you will have to exercise 4-5 times a week. In addition to regularity, it is important to alternate types of load, that is, cardio and strength, without this it will not be possible to achieve a strong and fit body. That is why the girls themselves often say that their physical activity is comparable to that of professional athletes. In addition to regular workouts, all the girls in the program have stretching, which makes the body flexible.

What to do to get an angelic figure?

With due diligence, any girl can achieve almost perfect shape. Making yourself a figure like that of angels and becoming an angel are two completely different results, and for the second you need to be lucky with genetics.

But this does not mean that you need to give up everything and stop trying. In order to get a beautiful abs, toned buttocks and slender legs, you need to not only exercise regularly.

Without a well-structured diet, you will not achieve such a figure, so try not to eat sugar and generally fast carbohydrates. Of course, sometimes you can and should allow yourself to eat a cake, but do not get carried away. In addition, the angels make sure that they have five servings of vegetables a day in their diet. So try adding a green pillow to every meal. First, it allows you to feel full faster. Secondly, there are a lot of vitamins, and angels have not only perfect figures, but also hair and skin. So lean on vegetables and herbs, you can make smoothies with them, you can crunch carrots to the TV show.

Don't forget to rest, as these intense workouts require a lot of energy. In addition, the quality of sleep directly affects the condition of the skin and hair, as well as mood. All these tips, although they seem simple, if done regularly, will give the desired result.

But do not forget that an angel is not only an ideal appearance, but also self-confidence. After all, this is the main feature in the image of Victoria's Secret girls.

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