6 Books Worth Reading About Sugar, Intuitive Eating And The Keto Diet

6 Books Worth Reading About Sugar, Intuitive Eating And The Keto Diet
6 Books Worth Reading About Sugar, Intuitive Eating And The Keto Diet

Video: 6 Books Worth Reading About Sugar, Intuitive Eating And The Keto Diet

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What area of ​​our life is as oversaturated with myths as food? Some say - you need to give up carbohydrates, someone promotes fasting, others urge to give up gluten and sugar. Together with the largest subscription book service MyBook, we have prepared a selection of books from experts in the field of nutrition and psychology, which will help you understand the rules of nutrition.

Joseph Mercola "A Cell on a Diet"

How to improve metabolism, why is it so important to monitor the level of iron in the blood, what foods can cause cancer? Dr. Mercola's book highlights the latest research on strengthening the body. From it, you will not only learn why fat as the main source of energy improves health and prevents many chronic diseases, but you will also receive detailed instructions on how to achieve good health, step by step. According to the author, our daily food preferences have an impact on the state of mitochondria - such tiny "small factories" inside cells. This book will show you how you can "negotiate" with them.

Bob Holmes "Taste: The Science of the Most Little-Known Human Sense"

We enjoy our morning coffee or gourmet dinner, largely unaware of the complex interactions between our taste buds, smell, touch, sight, and even our expectations that create what we call "taste." Bob Holmes offers to understand how we perceive taste, how it is created and how to maximize it. This book is a kind of guide to the world of taste - from neuroscience to the science of food production. Despite its serious content, it reads like an exciting novel.

Christine Loberg, David Perlmutter "Food and the Brain in Practice"

Anyone can lose weight, have a great appearance, have excellent sleep and a strong immune system, but you need to try hard, says David Perlmutter, a member of the American College of Nutrition, a neurologist of the first category. People who followed his recommendations have already seen the results. Food is a central part of Perlmutter's program, but he hasn't ignored other factors: proper diet, sleep and physical activity, stress reduction and correct goal setting. If you want to take control of your body and spirit, maintain an ideal figure for many years, feel energetic and healthy - check the advice from the book in practice.

Svetlana Bronnikova “Intuitive Nutrition. How to stop worrying about food and lose weight"

Clinical psychologist Svetlana Bronnikova calls unprocessed emotions one of the most popular reasons for being overweight. It is they who push us to absorb everything that lies badly, without feeling hungry. How to deal with food addiction? You need to allow yourself to eat whatever you want, to understand the signals of hunger and satiety, - Svetlana answers. But do not rush to run for chocolate, first study the principles of intuitive eating in more detail. The most important thing to remember: weight loss should not be an end in itself, since the transition to intuitive eating for the sake of losing weight will interfere with the development of the ability to listen to the internal signals of the body.

Natalya Fadeeva “Myths about sugar. How delusion is killing us"

How much sugar is in apples and yoghurts, is it true that brown is healthier than white, is sugar really a white poison and does a person need it at all? Nutritionist-endocrinologist Natalya Fadeeva decided to help deal with all these issues. Each popular myth is analyzed separately, scientific facts and studies are cited.Let's say right away: it's still better to give up sugar, or at least reduce its amount. It has been proven to cause breakouts on the body and face, promote aging, and cause addiction. How to "get off" the sugar needle correctly and whether you can sometimes indulge yourself in sweet pleasures - you will learn in the book.

Charles Spence “Gastrophysics. New Science of Nutrition"

Did you know that desserts tastes sweeter on round and light plates than on dark, sharp-edged plates? Charles Spence, a psychologist who studies how food affects the mind and brain, argues that the pleasure of eating is not only formed in the mouth. All senses are involved in this process. Everything is important: the atmosphere in which you eat, sounds, smells, even the shape of the chair on which you are sitting at this moment. Spence calls this a multi-sensory experience. How to make food intake more pleasant and aesthetic, how to eat less and get more pleasure from food - the author talks about all this on the pages of Gastrophysics.

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