Scientific Online Conference BiotechClub Was Held In Moscow

Scientific Online Conference BiotechClub Was Held In Moscow
Scientific Online Conference BiotechClub Was Held In Moscow

Video: Scientific Online Conference BiotechClub Was Held In Moscow

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Scientific online conference BiotechClub was held in Moscow. One of the main topics of discussion was the treatment of coronavirus infection.


The conference was attended by doctors, infectious disease specialists and specialists of other profiles from all over Russia. The doctors shared their experience of working with patients, which they managed to accumulate over this year.

- Information is constantly updated. Therefore, we decided to hold training seminars twice a week. In the first lesson, the doctors and I discuss treatment recommendations. On the second, we work with paramedics, - said the chief physician of the City Clinical Hospital 40 Denis Protsenko.

Experts note that the average age of patients who die of coronavirus disease has increased. Today it is about 67 years old. The accumulated experience has allowed doctors to more effectively carry out the prevention of blood clots. This has reduced the number of deaths among the younger population.

- Obviously, we have learned from the first months of the pandemic. Deaths peak in May and June. Although there were fewer seriously ill patients then than now. Doctors have changed their approach to treating such patients, and this has yielded results, '' said Konstantin Zhdanov, chief infectious disease specialist at the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Experts in St. Petersburg have developed a mathematical model that makes it possible to predict changes in the epidemic situation. Her data completely coincided with those of the incidence rates that were observed in May and June 2020. According to the forecast, a new peak in the incidence in Moscow will come in December. After that, the number of cases will decline again. An outbreak of influenza can negatively affect performance. In this case, the peak will come earlier. Therefore, it is important to observe safety measures and wear personal protective equipment.


Vladimir Gorodi, Doctor of Medical Sciences:

- More than 50 percent of those infected carry the infection in an asymptomatic form. There is an upward trend in the incidence rate throughout the world. I think that the problems with the coronavirus will persist for another year. All hope is for the development of population immunity or for vaccination.

Denis Gusev, chief physician of the St. Petersburg State Budgetary Healthcare Institution "Botkin Hospital":

- We, as infectious disease specialists, understand that we have two paths during a pandemic. Either get sick or get vaccinated. Self-isolation and other measures only help buy time. Only mass vaccination can change the situation for the better.

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