Is Epiphany Bathing Useful? Who Is Not Allowed To Swim In The Ice Hole For Baptism?

Is Epiphany Bathing Useful? Who Is Not Allowed To Swim In The Ice Hole For Baptism?
Is Epiphany Bathing Useful? Who Is Not Allowed To Swim In The Ice Hole For Baptism?

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For example, you can use it to burn extra calories.


Every year on January 19, many believers celebrate the Epiphany of the Lord - a Christian holiday in honor of the baptism of Jesus Christ in the Jordan River. By tradition, on this frosty day, you need to plunge into a font with ice water three times. To the Jordanian ice-holes in the form of a cross, whole lines of people line up - sometimes even children and pregnant women can be found there. But how does such extreme bathing affect your health? Are there any contraindications?

How is Epiphany bathing useful?

Hardening. Many people decide to plunge also for health purposes. Swimming in ice water boosts immunity, according to the Harvard School of Public Health. After such a "stressful" situation, the body becomes more accustomed to low temperatures and is resistant to disease. "Walruses" are less likely to get sick with ARVI and colds. And some argue that after regular diving, the symptoms of chronic diseases have disappeared.

Strengthening blood vessels. The sudden coldness causes the blood to rush quickly to the skin. Accordingly, at the time of immersion, the capillaries, veins and arteries work hard, which improves blood circulation.

Happiness. After bathing, many people report a sharp uplift in mood. The fact is that the adrenal glands in a stressful situation for the body begin to produce endorphins - hormones of happiness.

Burning calories. During the dive, the body will devote all its strength to keep warm. To do this, he will need a lot of energy, the lack of which will be compensated for by body fat. Not surprisingly, after the New Year holidays, some girls continue to swim.

What are the contraindications for Epiphany bathing?

Only healthy people can plunge into the font. If you have any of these diseases, you should refrain from bathing. If you really want to observe the tradition, consult with a therapist beforehand - he will be able to identify the associated risks and issue a conclusion.

Contraindications include:

Children and the elderly should also refrain from bathing so as not to risk their health. Especially if there are severe frosts. Also, in no case should you drink alcohol or other intoxicating substances before plunging into Jordan.

How to swim properly so as not to harm yourself

It is recommended to eat a large meal at least an hour before the planned dive so that the body has a reserve of energy.

Before swimming, do a little warm-up, such as a few squats. This will increase circulation and warm up the body.

The eyes are afraid, but the hands are doing! Don't hesitate too long when it's your turn to plunge. It is enough to spend 15-20 seconds in the water - no more, especially if this is your first time. Before diving, you can hold your breath - so there will be no feeling as if it has been intercepted. This can happen due to vasospasm.

After getting out of the water, dry off with a towel. This should be done carefully so as not to accidentally damage the blood vessels. Then dress warmly and have some hot tea.

If you are completely healthy, then with proper bathing, the risks are minimal. If there are diseases, it is better to refrain from this tradition or consult a doctor. Because the body can react in completely unpredictable ways to such stress.

Remember, if suddenly it became bad, employees of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and an ambulance are always on duty next to the Jordanians, who will immediately come to the rescue.Listen to your body to celebrate the Christian holiday without harm to your health.

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