It Is Better Not To Self-medicate Now

It Is Better Not To Self-medicate Now
It Is Better Not To Self-medicate Now

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Primorye residents are advised to seek medical help from specialists.


Experts are confident that any treatment in the current epidemiological situation should be prescribed by a doctor. Incorrectly and untimely selected medicines will not bring any benefit. This opinion is shared by Boris Mendelevich, Doctor of Medical Sciences, member of the Health Protection Committee of the State Duma, reports KONKURENT.RU.

The expert believes that in winter it is not worthwhile to independently prescribe vitamin complexes for yourself, but it is better to rely on doctors in this matter, who are able to help select those vitamins that are needed for a particular patient.

In addition, the doctor is sure that trying to prevent a new coronavirus infection with vitamins is also not worth it.

Boris Mendelevich, Doctor of Medicine, Member of the Health Protection Committee of the State Duma:

“Indeed, now there are a number of studies that talk about the benefits of vitamin D in the fight, including against coronavirus infection. However, it should be understood that such studies have not yet been carried out at a deep level, so it is too early to draw final conclusions. Therefore, I recommend not to focus on certain sites for choosing vitamins, but to see a doctor. Moreover, as a rule, vitamins also have a desirable time of intake”.

The opinions that there is no need to try to cope with the coronavirus on your own are also shared by the Primorye experts:

Deputy Head of the Territorial Administration of Rospotrebnadzor Svetlana Morozova:

“People should monitor their well-being. When symptoms of SARS appear, it is important to immediately seek medical help, not to self-medicate, not to go to pharmacies and shops yourself. When you go to the store, you can become a source of infection for other people if you do not follow the preventive measures."

Recall that the region is still on high alert. Visiting public places is possible only with the use of a mask and respecting social distance.

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