Body Ballet: Features And All The Benefits Of This Type Of Training

Body Ballet: Features And All The Benefits Of This Type Of Training
Body Ballet: Features And All The Benefits Of This Type Of Training

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Satin pointe shoes, tutu skirt, classical music - such a number of associations is evoked by the word "ballet". But, unfortunately, it is quite difficult to get into this beautiful and high world of art in adulthood, if we talk about the professional side. But it's never too late to start learning for yourself, especially since body ballet has long become one of the areas of fitness that is adapted for everyone, and is a set of exercises from classical choreography, ballet and Pilates.

Body ballet improves the body, allowing you to develop grace and airiness. Exercise helps you develop endurance and work all muscle groups. In addition, the musculoskeletal system is being developed and stretching is improved, that is, this is such a complex effect on the body. Recently, this direction is gaining popularity. About how body ballet affects life, what is its use, how to reveal femininity and flexibility in adulthood - new material on

What the training consists of

Maria Zabolotnaya Trainer of the TOPSTRETCHING network of stretching studios

The set of exercises is selected by a qualified trainer, based on the initial data. But the standard body ballet program consists of the following stages:

Each workout begins with a warm-up to avoid injury and muscle strain. Exercising at the bench near the mirror allows you to hone your technique.


Choreography adapted for fitness allows not only to develop graceful movements, but also to lose weight, since all muscle groups are involved during the lesson. Thanks to a set of Pilates exercises, body ballet is able to strengthen the core, abs and back frame. Muscles become toned and posture improves. After the main part of the workout, stretching is required, which consolidates the results obtained and allows the muscles to "not clog". A set of body ballet exercises and good stretching will allow you to quickly sit on a split.

Key Benefits of Ballet as an Adult

Improving the figure

Thanks to special exercises, the muscular frame of the back is strengthened, due to this, the posture is leveled. The lower body is also seriously worked out, which allows you to correct the deformity of the feet, relieve stress after high heels and lengthen the legs by a few centimeters. Body ballet is a functional workout that allows you to work out even those muscles you never knew existed.



Body ballet with regular training will help you get the perfect twine, both transverse and longitudinal. Exercises at the machine make a person more disciplined, develop joint mobility, increase muscle tone and flexibility of the whole body.

Inspiration and femininity

Body ballet will allow you to become more feminine and love yourself and your own body, and an experienced trainer, in addition to the correct setting of the technique, will select the necessary audio sequence that will help you fill up with energy and get a charge of good mood for the whole day.

What to look out for before exercising


You can start doing body ballet at any age and with different initial data. But it must be borne in mind that, like any sport, these trainings should not be dealt with with diseases such as arthrosis, recent surgeries and serious injuries, because exercises can only aggravate the situation or cause complications.

Inna Ginkevich Honored Artist of Russia. Ballerina, actress, presenter.Chief choreographer of the Moscow Sports Department, Director of the School of Olympic Reserve 25 of the Moscow Sports Committee, creator of the author's methodology and a series of books on sports choreography, School of Movement.

“Body ballet differs from conventional strength fitness training in that it is based on the movements of classical choreography. In the process of exercising, the muscles do not gain mass, they lengthen, acquire clearer contours, not only external, but also internal muscles are being worked out. In my opinion, fitness training with large weights is the prerogative of men, the female body should not be weighed down by pumped biceps and triceps. Body ballet classes contribute to a decrease in body weight, the appearance of a beautiful posture, flexibility, plasticity, grace, health improvement - in a word, everything that a woman needs to look beautiful and be self-confident. I talk about this in detail in my author's methodology "School of Movement", which can be used by both professional dancers and athletes from complex coordination sports, and ordinary people."

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