10 Unusual Facts About Dreams

10 Unusual Facts About Dreams
10 Unusual Facts About Dreams

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Absolutely all people have dreams, even if they think they are not. Dreams are necessary because they protect against the development of psychological ailments and improve brain function. These 10 facts will help you learn a little more about dreams. 1. Learning while sleeping

Often, by the end of the day, it seems as if the head is full and is no longer able to absorb or process information. However, scientists have proven that in a dream, people "digest" the data received during the day. That is, the brain continues to work at night. You've probably noticed at least once that if you study something before going to bed, you will learn it better than if you studied in the morning or in the afternoon. 2. Everyone has dreams

Everyone dreams every night for at least two hours, even if they don't remember it. Previously, it was believed that visual images come in the "phase of REM sleep", but today it is already a proven fact that at this time they are simply brighter and better remembered. And they can appear in any phase. Sometimes it even turns out to finish the dream if, after waking up, fall asleep again. 3. Dreams about betrayal

One of the most common dreams people have is about cheating on their loved ones. There is no need to take such a dream as a warning, most likely it came from an inner feeling that you could be deceived. So it does not mean that you are actually being cheated on, but you can still call it alarming: most likely you do not have enough attention from your partner. 4. Recurring dreams

A dream that is dreamed more than once is sometimes perceived as some kind of important message. Most often, the plots of such dreams are similar: pursuit, attack, nude appearance in public, and others. Usually, such dreams indicate that the subconscious is trying to solve a problem that worries a person in real life, some kind of unresolved conflict. 5. The strangeness of dreams

According to research by British scientists, dreams become more and more strange and psychedelic during the night. Earlier dreams usually reflect various everyday events, such as work or family affairs. Sometimes, due to illness, anxiety, or lack of sleep, nightmares are dreamed. But later dreams are the consequences of the strangest fantasies. 6. Several dreams per night

Even if a person does not remember this, most likely last night he saw 10 or even more dreams. The most interesting and unusual dreams come during the "phase of REM sleep", but at other times something is dreamed about. The more a person has a lack of sleep, the more dreams come to him: the body thus tries to compensate for the lack of sleep, that is, it tries to sleep more intensively than in a normal state. 7. Lucid dreams

Lucid dreaming is when a person sleeps, sees a dream and realizes that he is sleeping. They say it is very difficult to wake up at this time. The main feature of such dreams is that consciousness is awake and understands what is happening around. At this time, you can even control the dream and its plot. 8. Waking dreams

Almost every one of us daydreams from time to time, as a rule, from nothing to do. But there is such a thing as "daytime parahypnagogia" - a state that makes it possible to experience in reality the same thing as in a dream. Unlike lucid dreaming, where a person sleeps, here he is awake. An example of such a state is the morning when a person woke up, but has not yet realized it. 9. Dream inspiration

Surely everyone knows that some people get inspiration during sleep. Mendeleev saw the periodic system of chemical elements in a dream, singer Paul McCartney once dreamed of the melody of the later cult song Yesterday, Mary Shelley also saw in a dream the plot of her book about Frankenstein, and there are many such examples. 10. Warning dreams

There are also many cases when a person, for example, dreams of a falling plane, he decides not to fly and then learns that his plane actually crashed. Some people believe that such dreams come to warn of some danger, but scientists do not trust this too much and do not pay due attention to the study of such a phenomenon. In their opinion, such dreams appear as a result of a pessimistic attitude and expectation of something bad. Or it is nothing more than a coincidence.

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