Exercises For The Buttocks For Men

Exercises For The Buttocks For Men
Exercises For The Buttocks For Men

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If you start to grin at the mention of glute exercises, you are being reckless. All men need exercises for the buttocks, without them there is no point in working on the abs, arms, chest or legs, since the rear view will definitely be spoiled. These exercises are challenging enough to challenge yourself to master. The fact is that powerful gluteal muscles require significant loads for development.


Why and how to do glute exercises?

Not only women care about the beauty of the buttocks, besides, it's not just aesthetics. The center of gravity of a person falls precisely on the hips and buttocks, the development of this part of the body makes you more resilient and strong. These are the best exercises for working out the gluteal muscles.

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One-legged glute bridge

It is performed similarly to the classic gluteal bridge, but with fewer points of support. Starting position - lying on your back, the left leg is thrown over the right so that the left ankle is located directly in front of the right knee. The right leg and arms rest on the floor, from this position you need to raise the pelvis up, stop in the upper position for 20 seconds and tighten the gluteal muscles strongly. Then you need to change legs and repeat the exercise.

Reverse leg raises

It is performed in a standing position on all fours with support on hands and knees. One of the legs comes off the floor, bends to a right angle at the knee and rises up as high as you can. Then the leg slowly lowers to its original position, you need to do 20 repetitions on one leg, then the same amount on the other. It is recommended to do the exercise in three sets. If you train in the gym, you can do reverse leg raises in the machine, but start with the lightest weight.

Twisting with raised legs

Starting position - as in the previous exercise, lift your left leg back so that it becomes parallel to the floor. Bend your knee and at the same time strongly tighten your buttocks. Do 4 sets of 8 repetitions in turn on each leg.

If the exercise seems too easy, then add weights to the ankle area.

Narrow stance squats

Place your feet narrower than shoulder-width apart and do a regular squat. The smaller the distance between the legs, the more load the gluteal muscles will receive. If you do squats regularly, you can increase the load by using dumbbells in your hands.

Standing leg raises

Stand facing the wall at a distance of no more than half a meter from it. Tilt your body towards the wall, stretch your arms forward to rest against the wall. Tighten your buttocks strongly and take turns taking your legs back, lifting them as high as you can. Do 3 sets of 8 reps for each leg.

Swimming and jogging on an inclined track will also be good exercises for the buttocks for men. Such cardiovascular stress helps to get rid of body fat.

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