How To Maintain Immunity

How To Maintain Immunity
How To Maintain Immunity

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Mass vaccination is taking place these days in the Russian capital. The vaccine is badly needed. How to strengthen the body in such a difficult period for it? Doctors answer this question.


Now residents of the capital, regardless of their profession, can be vaccinated for free with a vaccine against ARVI, influenza and other viruses.

- It's very simple. You come to the clinic, they give you an injection, then you wait for half an hour on the spot in case any reactions occur,”says therapist Aleksey Vodovozov.

The expert warns that after the vaccine there may be muscle aches, fever, headache, drowsiness.

Yes, any vaccination is an effect on immunity. This means that it needs to be supported. How can this be done in accessible ways?

Doctors advise to lead the most healthy lifestyle: give up smoking and alcohol, eat right, be outside more often and, of course, get enough sleep so as not to accumulate fatigue.

- Probiotics will help to strengthen the body on the eve of vaccination. These are living bacteria. To put it simply, microorganisms that live in the human body and have a positive effect on the vital activity of the body, - explained the therapist, doctor of the highest category Larisa Alekseeva. - Probiotics contain different strains of bacteria. It is important that they not only allow you to populate the intestines with the right microorganisms and overcome pathogenic flora, but also increase immunity, and also very effectively fight all sorts of diseases. The expert explained that probiotics are different from each other.

- There are probiotics - biologically active additives - dietary supplements, and there are probiotics - drugs, the activity of which has been confirmed by many years of clinical trials. Personally, I would advise using sorbed probiotics. These are drugs. These probiotics do not contain individual bacterial cells, but whole microcolonies of bifidobacteria, fixed on a special carrier - particles of activated carbon. They, which is important, restore the microflora balance as quickly as possible,”the doctor noted.


Experts advise to choose sorbed probiotics, which use a species of bifidobacterium bifidum, isolated from the human body. Such probiotics are a drug. They increase the efficiency of the body's immune system.

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