The Last Car Of The Pandemic Will Appear In The Summer

The Last Car Of The Pandemic Will Appear In The Summer
The Last Car Of The Pandemic Will Appear In The Summer

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The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone, and there is no doubt that this topic will remain the most discussed topic on the planet for a long time. But it is especially valuable when experts, not Internet bloggers, talk about it. Head of the Department of the Center for Cardiovascular Surgery at the G.V. Burdenko Alexey Fedorov on his page in the social network summed up the results of the year with the covid and told us what awaits us.


Alexey Fedorov notes: at the beginning of the spread of the infection, no one assessed the severity of the situation:

- We agreed that there will be a small-town splash, it will sweat and go out, like MERS did in its time. And this despite the fact that we are all epidemiologists by our first education. In fact, it turned out quite differently. At first, the new virus puzzled doctors - the course of the disease was too atypical and irregular.

- At the beginning of February, I was sent Chinese videos, in one of which a man on his feet comes to the admission department of the hospital, his blood saturation is measured on his finger - and it turns out to be 75. I was sure that this was fake, because people with such indicators themselves are not go. It turned out - they walk, though not for long, - the doctor writes. He considers the measures introduced in Moscow in the spring to be ideal:

- It was precisely the "hard-soft quarantine", as many call it and which was then scolded by both supporters and opponents of restrictions, in fact, allowed, on the one hand, to bring down the peak of the epidemic and avoid overcrowding in hospitals, on the other, not to completely paralyze life in the city. Otherwise, Moscow would have repeated the sad experience of New York. Many Muscovites do not like Sobyanin, but thousands of us now owe his life to him

Hundreds of thousands of lives lost

Alas, but "it's okay, ordinary flu" gives a frightening excess mortality for 2020, the author says.

Over 11 months of last year, mortality increased by 13.8 percent (compared to 2019), and this is taking into account the dock-like January - March and excluding the deadliest December (from the statement of Tatyana Golikova, made on December 28, 2020). That's about 260 thousand extra deaths. The inclusion of December in the statistics and the refinement of the data may well raise this figure to 300 thousand.

According to the Deputy Prime Minister, in 80 percent of cases, the cause of death is associated with COVID-19. Alexei Fedorov also speaks about 90 percent For a country with a huge territory and a population of only 145 million people, hundreds of thousands of lives lost from the covid are a lot.

From observations of the last month: a new layer of "special" patients is forming in the country: people who have undergone a severe form of covid, who have undergone resuscitation and survived. Unfortunately, at the cost of serious complications and the loss of several years of predicted life, says Alexei Fedorov.

A typical portrait of such a patient:

a woman or man 55 - 70 years old with an initial stage of chronic diseases before infection with covid. after a difficult recovery - deep chronicles, having, according to statistics, the risk of death during the first year after discharge of more than 50 percent and requiring frequent repeated hospitalizations.

! The doctor notes: the so-called "pitching" - those who in the internal jargon are called "chemists", have a particularly fragile health. Nutritional supplements, energy drinks, anabolic steroids, steroids and other means for increasing muscle mass make a person outwardly a strong man, but internally - a wreck.

Children are real carriers. And they themselves get sick, often mildly, like a mild ARVI, sometimes in the form of influenza, and about a third of all "symptomatic" cases with signs resembling rotavirus - severe abdominal pain, repeated vomiting, diarrhea, which often takes parents away and doctors on the wrong track.


10 percent is the risk of poor disease outcome for the elderly.How much longer will they be able to self-isolate and avoid the disease? There are two ways out - complete isolation from society and from us for at least another year, or vaccination, - the doctor notes.

- It's no secret that the development and clinical trials of vaccines around the world have been compressed as much as possible under the dictates of time. Nevertheless, today we have already accumulated about six months of experience in using the vaccine in the so-called third phase of the study, which, in fact, was carried out “in the field,” on volunteers among us. This applies to both Pfizer and our Sputnik V vaccine.

Observing the vaccinated, I evaluate only personal experience - today I know about 50 people who received two doses of the vaccine in September-November. Most of them endured without reaction, about 15 people fever for one or two days, complained of general weakness, chills, pain at the injection site. But then it all went away. Now everyone has developed protective antibodies with a level of 7-8 norms. As far as I know, no one got sick with covid.

When people get sick soon after vaccination, it only means that the person was vaccinated during the incubation period or caught the virus shortly after vaccination.

A colleague from the department, with whom we worked for five years, went to live and work in Israel in November. There, vaccination is compulsory for doctors, but for the rest there is not yet, but they strongly advise. They are vaccinated en masse, in public places. It was officially announced that it would be impossible to travel without a vaccinated person's certificate. In Europe, they announced that from the end of 2021, the EU will ban entry into the Schengen area without a vaccination certificate. Most countries are likely to do this.

One thing is already clear: the vaccine does not cause serious complications in the nearest follow-up period and has the necessary effectiveness - it produces IgG in the required amount. Vaccinated people after unprotected contacts with patients with covid do not become infected (at least, according to my observations).

A few words about compulsory vaccination. I, my wife, most of my friends work in medical institutions. None of us have faced coercion to get a vaccine. This is not surprising: there are too many people willing, and production capacities are limited.

Virus mutation

Today, experts around the world are concerned about the SARS-CoV-2 mutation. So far, the so-called English mutation only increased the infectiousness of the virus, but hospitals were immediately overcrowded and mortality increased sharply. The country was forced to introduce a national lockdown. Of course, the worst option is if the virus, during the mutation, can enhance its pathogenic properties. And it will raise the lethality from the conditional 2 percent to 5 or 10 percent. I sincerely hope that this will not happen.

And I hope that all this will end relatively soon. Not as fast as we all would like, but still. Now among my friends and acquaintances it is more difficult to find someone who has not been ill - there are only a few of them left. Vaccination in progress. Collective immunity is formed. There are laws for the development of a respiratory pandemic … We would have to hold out until the summer, and then the last carriage of the pandemic will appear.

Everything that concerns you

The lifetime of the SARS-CoV-2 molecule on different objects depends on the ambient air temperature, humidity, and also on the surface of the material. All of them require treatment with an antiseptic with 75 percent alcohol. And where this is not possible, gloves will save. But still, the main method of infection is airborne. Wear masks, wash your hands, and keep your distance. Take care of yourself!

Be healthy! 3 hours - viral particles hang in the air after coughing or sneezing. 9 days - stay in water. 1 - 2 years - stored when cooled and frozen. 10 minutes - die when exposed to ultraviolet light. "Vitality" on objects (at 20 ° C) Paper money - 9 days. Plastic cards - 8 days. Trolley in shops - 7 days. ATMs and self-service cash desks - 7 days. Screen of a smartphone, laptop, tablet - 5 days. Door handles and switches - 4 days. Handrails in transport - 3 days.TV remote control - 3 days. Umbrella - 3 days. Headphones - 3 days. Keyboard, computer mouse - 2 days. Leather bag - 1 day. Fitness equipment in the gym - 6 hours. Elevator button - 5 o'clock. Cranes, mixers - 4 hours. Keys - 4 hours. Coins - 3 hours. Bear in mind! When disinfecting your smartphone, tablet or laptop, be sure to unplug them. And before you wipe the TV remote control - remove the batteries. After processing, wait five minutes for the alcohol to evaporate.

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