Alexey Fedorov: "I No Longer Wish To Meet With This Muck, Even In A Mild Form"

Alexey Fedorov: "I No Longer Wish To Meet With This Muck, Even In A Mild Form"
Alexey Fedorov: "I No Longer Wish To Meet With This Muck, Even In A Mild Form"

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"So, I want to share my own experience of COVID-19. But first, I would like to say a few words about personal protection. Since the beginning of the epidemic, I have constantly used valveless respirators FFP2 and FFP3 for protection, I have often treated my hands with a sanitizer. During this time, there were dozens, and most likely hundreds of contacts with patients infected with covid. The main task for me personally was not to get sick in the first wave, when there was absolutely no understanding of how to properly treat a new disease., several fairly young fellow doctors fell ill, and the way they endured the disease (with massive lung damage, dependence on oxygen, transfer to intensive care) put me on guard. Further observation of patients infected with covid only strengthened my alertness. transport and public places, took strict personal protective measures and did not get sick. Although about a third of colleagues were ill in the first wave, "writes the head of the operating department of the Center for Cardiovascular Surgery at the Burdenko Hospital on Facebook.

“I repeat - the task was to get sick as late as possible, when it became more or less clear how to treat THIS, or wait for an effective and safe vaccine to appear. In general, it was possible to fulfill it on the first point.

In early October, we all faced a real tsunami - dozens of doctors and nurses fell ill, almost every second patient in the department sooner or later gave a positive smear and almost immediately began to fever. Friends were sick with whole families. By the end of the month, no more than 10% of our medical workers had not been ill. At this time, I was sent to go out for the rest of the vacation, which was postponed several times due to the need to fulfill the duties of sick colleagues.

On Sunday I noticed that my ears were clogged all day. It seems that I am constantly driving along a steep serpentine road in the mountains or scuba diving. Having recently read that ear problems may be the first symptom of coronavirus, I thought about it and took my temperature. 36.8. I wrote it off for the change in weather, especially since the next day everything went away. On Monday and Tuesday I felt pretty good, and on Wednesday evening I noticed a feeling of a slight cold - my body ached a little, slightly chilled. Again he measured the temperature, and again 36.8. (As it became clear later, I measured the temperature both times in the evening, and from this an error crept in. During the day it probably increased to subfebrile numbers).

On Thursday, I woke up a little overwhelmed, sniffed eau de toilette and coffee - my sense of smell was perfect. Perhaps this is accumulated fatigue or a weak cold, because the sense of smell is preserved - I decided and continued my normal life. But during dinner I suddenly realized that I didn't understand what I was eating. From now on, the fish had absolutely no taste, it seemed that you were chewing cotton wool. I opened it to smell cognac - nothing. Eau de toilette, coffee, household chemicals, and finally ammonia - by zero. And after all, three hours ago, I clearly smelled the aroma of a banana.

I measured the temperature - 37.5. Well hello crown. He isolated himself from his family in a separate room, made a playlist of series for two weeks.

The sense of smell usually disappears on the 3-5th day of illness, so I considered the beginning of the illness on Sunday, when my ears were heavily stuffed. And the infection probably happened at work, although in terms of time it could well turn out to be that coughing neighbor in the elevator, to whose irresponsibility I dedicated the previous post. I was glad that while the disease was not serious.

On the first night after the loss of smell and taste, sleep went away. I was not worried, not worried, I just stupidly could not sleep. I slept for 15 minutes at most. And this despite the fact that the temperature quickly dropped to 36.2. Many people note this unpleasant and unusual symptom of covid - insomnia.

Muscle pains joined almost immediately. Myalgias have happened to me before, with flu or ARVI, but here they are unusual - selective and corrosive, like a toothache. On the second day, the calf muscles were twisted so locally, and in the second half of the disease, the muscles of the back and neck were strongly pulled for three days - obsessively, disgustingly, so that they had to constantly stretch them.

Another characteristic symptom - no, not a runny nose, but somehow dry stuffy nose, it seems to be breathing, but it seems not, and you seem to feel like a mucous membrane has swollen somewhere in the depths. This gives rise to a characteristic nasal voice - it seems that now I can recognize a patient with covid by it. Let's call it covid nasal.

In the morning I passed a smear for PCR, although I had no doubts about the diagnosis, and it turned out to be positive. I started treatment - drinking plenty of water, effervescent vitamin C, vitamin D, 2000 units per day in tablets, a dietary supplement with zinc. Of the serious drugs, he immediately began injecting the anticoagulant clexane subcutaneously in a prophylactic dose of 0.4 ml twice a day. As it has already become clear, thrombosis is the cause of lung damage, and also the cause of serious complications - my colleagues and I note an increase in the number of heart attacks, strokes, thromboembolisms against the background of even a mild course of coronavirus infection. I did not take antiviral, antibiotics and antimalarial drugs - there was no indication to aggravate my condition artificially.

The next three days, the temperature by mid-day increased to 37.3 in the afternoon, there were symptoms of a common cold. The taste returned, returned for one evening and again the sense of smell completely disappeared for a week. The day was disturbed by intestinal symptoms: bloating, spasmodic pains, diarrhea.

The temperature behaved interestingly - dropping at night to 35.2 with a mercury thermometer (I had never previously observed a temperature of less than 36.4), in the morning it became 36.6, by noon it increased to 37.3 and held until 7 in the evening, and then quickly dropped to normal. Unusual, given that with ordinary acute respiratory viral infections, the maximum temperature just falls on the evening hours.

And then for three days the temperature did not rise above 36.8 at all. I felt almost completely healthy, but knowing the insidiousness of the disease, I was in no hurry to relax. As it turned out, not in vain. On the 7th day, a remake of the symptoms occurred from the loss of smell: at night sleep again went away, muscles ached, the temperature reached 37.4 by noon. But this time all this was accompanied by new symptoms: severe weakness, apathy, unwillingness to get out of bed, depression.

At such a low temperature, I spent the next three days in bed: it was hard to get up and did not want to at all. My head ached, my eyes pressed, there was a feeling of heaviness in my chest, a desire to constantly take a deep breath. One day the pulse at rest accelerated to 120, decided to measure the pressure - 167/100 mm Hg. I recently turned 40, I lead a sports lifestyle and the pressure above 130/80 is not typical for me. I had to take kapoten and start regularly drinking panangin containing potassium and magnesium (according to our clinical observations, covid is accompanied by a loss of potassium and magnesium, and indeed, the pulse soon returned to normal), in general, the second part of the disease was much more difficult. After three days, the subfebrile condition passed, the symptoms began to gradually fade away, but weakness and apathy held firmly until the 12th day and, to a certain extent, persist even now, when almost three weeks have passed since the onset of the disease.

And also - a wadded head, as they say, "like a dusty bag hit," tense consideration, memory impairment. I caught myself putting the flash drive in the refrigerator.

On days 11 and 13, I passed two negative swabs and went to work. Honestly, the first days were hard.For now, I ask you not to put me as an operating surgeon - my head and strength need final restoration.

Throughout the disease, I monitored temperature and oxygen saturation every day, drank 3-4 liters of liquid. No CT scan was done, since saturation did not go down and there was no shortness of breath. Many people talk about heavy sweating, but I have never sweated much. There was absolutely no cough. The sense of smell was restored by 80%.

My family did not get sick, or suffered asymptomatic, but several smears were negative, so rather the first. Also surprising, considering that we communicated closely throughout my incubation period and the onset of the disease. Almost all of my friends were sick, both the second half and the children.

What can I say as a result. As my boss, who had been ill a month ago, correctly noted: "You will immediately understand that you are ill with THIS, you will not confuse it with anything." This is not your usual ARVI. Even my mild form has caused me so many unpleasant, unusual symptoms. What can we say about medium-heavy and severe course. And there were such cases, you don't have to go far. A colleague from my department who fell ill a month ago on the second day of temperature over 39 was hospitalized in our covid center, and with a saturation of 90 he immediately received oxygen support, for two weeks several steps in the ward caused him severe shortness of breath. And he is 31 years old.

Another head in our center fell ill a week earlier than me, 12 days of temperature up to 40 (!), Lung damage more than 50%, that is, stage CT-3, shortness of breath, hormonal pulse therapy, and now severe weakness and continued shortness of breath with slight physical load. And he is 44 years old, he has no chronic diseases, but he has a hobby - running, skiing marathons. Of those whom I have been advising by phone over the past weeks, four have ended up in intensive care, and several have died of their parents.

In general, I was lucky. But not everyone is lucky.

Therefore, if you ask me what my future plans are, I hope that the coming months will be protected by immunity, and by the spring the results of a mass vaccine trial will appear. I really want them to be positive, and then I will definitely get used to it, because I no longer want to meet with this muck, even in a mild form.

In conclusion, I would like to say something optimistic. Even at the beginning of this whole story, epidemiologists said: respiratory pandemics last 18 months. Now it is November, so we have already endured 11 of them. We will also tolerate the remaining 7 ".

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