What Household Items Can Be Used For Training

What Household Items Can Be Used For Training
What Household Items Can Be Used For Training

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To work on a beautiful figure, you don't have to go to the gym and spend a lot of money on sports paraphernalia. Glamor magazine says that almost every thing in the house can be equipped with a sports equipment. It will save money, give new life to old things, and most importantly, increase the effectiveness of your workout.


In fact, you just need to turn on your imagination, and ordinary objects in the living room will become the main helpers in achieving a sports ideal. Indeed, for training hard-to-reach muscles, any slightly heavy objects that fit in the hand (and do not kick, so you should not use the cat for such purposes) are suitable, they can be safely lifted and laid.

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But you need to understand that alternative things do not always fully correspond to the characteristics of professional sports attributes, so you need the right approach to achieve the same effectiveness from training.


With the help of one chair, you can do several useful exercises at once: inclined push-ups, a bar, "dips" for training triceps.

To do inclined push-ups, you need to put your hands on the back of the chair and take your legs back, as if leaning on the back and taking a kind of lying emphasis. And in this position, bend your elbows like in a classic push-up, trying to do it as low as possible. It is important that during this exercise the pelvis does not sag - this puts a lot of pressure on the back. Trainers also advise observing the breathing technique: lowering with inhalation and rising with exhalation.

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To perform a bar, you need to rest your forearms on a chair so that your hands touch. The legs should be extended so that the toes touch the floor. Keep your back straight, the spine, legs and head should be in one line. This will leave you in the plank position for about 40 seconds. You can do an inverted exercise by complicating the bar: for this you need to put your forearms on the floor, and, on the contrary, put your legs on a chair.

"Dips" for training triceps are performed as follows: a person sits on a chair and grabs the edges of the seat with his hands. Then he tears off the pelvis and "hangs" over the chair, continuing to hold out with his arms outstretched, knees bent at an angle of 90 degrees, and feet firmly pressed to the floor. And he begins to squat slowly so that his arms have already reached the bend at the elbows at 90º. In this case, the pelvis should be kept as close to the chair as possible.


With a towel, there are at least two effective exercises, at most - as many as the person's imagination will allow.

There are fitness equipment made from latex or other stretchable materials, or multifunctional fitness bands. In one exercise, a towel can easily replace a special attribute, but it should be borne in mind that it does not stretch so well.

The essence of the back extension exercise is as follows: roll the towel into a cylindrical shape, lie on your stomach and grab the ends of the cylinder with your hands. Then try to spread your arms slightly to the sides, pulling the towel as much as possible, and then stretch them in front of you until they are fully straightened. In this position, the chin and chest should be practically on the ground.

The next step is to pull your arms to your chest, the upper body at this time rises from the floor and a stretch is felt in the back. The harder you try to "break" the towel, the more effective the exercise will be.

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For a change, another exercise is also proposed: the towel needs to be wrapped again in a cylindrical manner, grab the ends with your hands and kneel on the mat.Then, keeping your arms shoulder-width apart and straightening them, raise the towel over your head. And while maintaining the maximum tension of the fabric, begin to swing your hands back, behind your head. This exercise allows you to feel the contraction of the muscles in your upper back and shoulders.


The most common imitation of sports equipment is bottles. With them, you can swing the shoulder press and biceps.

To work out the shoulder press, you need to take a bottle of water in each hand (this exercise can also be performed with bags of flour or heavier objects - it all depends on the level of physical fitness). Then you need to sit on a chair and, before starting the movements, hold the load at shoulder level, so that the palms are turned to the sides from each other. And start pushing the impromptu dumbbells up until the arms are fully extended.

During the exercise, the chest should be straightened. the body is tense. It is important to connect the correct breathing technique - exhale when raising and inhale when lowering the arms.

To train the biceps, you need to take your load in your hands and take a standing position, your back is straight, your chest is straightened. In the starting position, the legs should be shoulder-width apart, and the elbows should rest on the sides. Then you need to bend your elbows, pressing them to the body so that the "dumbbells" go up. You need to squeeze the muscles strongly when lifting, and then gradually relax them.

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Book bag

There are other benefits from books, besides the obvious - for the mind. To load a bag with a volume or two of Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy is the first step towards achieving an ideal figure, because they can easily replace even a barbell with weight. They also work well with glute bridges and squats.

As a barbell, books are also good in that by postponing or adding a certain number of books, you can adjust a comfortable weight for training - just like with rings on a barbell. To perform the exercise, you need to take a standing position, with feet shoulder-width apart. Bend over and grab the bag loaded with books - hold it with your hands and knees. Then start pushing the load up as far as possible, pushing the hips, while keeping your back very straight.

The extra weight during squats helps build muscle in your hips and glutes. During the exercise, there should be so many books in the bag so that they can be easily held at chest level. Feet should be shoulder width apart. Squat so that your knees form a 90º angle. During the upward movement, you need to squeeze the gluteal muscles strongly.

When performing a gluteal bridge, you need to lie on your back and bend your legs (your feet should be firmly on the floor). Books should be on your hips. From the original stance, raise your hips so that your shoulders, back and knees form a straight line. At the top of the hips, you need to strain your buttocks as much as possible, linger for a couple of seconds and only then lower yourself.

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