Types Of Drug Addiction And Methods Of Its Treatment

Types Of Drug Addiction And Methods Of Its Treatment
Types Of Drug Addiction And Methods Of Its Treatment

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Drug addiction today is a big problem, which is provoked by malfunctions in all body systems. What are the symptoms of addiction? Discontent, insomnia, low efficiency, lack of mood are noted in a person all the time.


Types of addiction

There are several options for dependence:

from hallucinogenic substances. They usually begin to take effect after 15 minutes. The action lasts several hours, it may even last for several days; polydrug addiction. Initially, it can be hemp, later patients can replace it with stronger drugs; opium. People fall into euphoria, their fear and pain disappear. Opium derivatives can be made synthetically or from some varieties of poppy; cannabinoid. It arises in connection with the use of substances that have been made from different varieties of hemp; amphetamine. This substance is able to provide a person with an adrenaline rush. But at the same time, it negatively affects the nervous system; cocaine addiction. This type of addiction has been familiar to people for a very long time. Cocaine is a powerful psychostimulant.

Addiction treatment

The body of drug addicts suffers not only from the use of drugs. The patient's relationship with friends and acquaintances also suffers, problems begin at work, in school, in the family. For a full recovery, it is important to provide quality and correct treatment. Usually, the drug addiction treatment procedure at the Maria Frolova clinic consists of several stages:

Awareness of the problem. It is important to understand that the disease is dangerous to others. It is best to consult a narcologist who will conduct a motivational consultation and convince the addict to be treated. Diagnostics. Experts prescribe laboratory tests that will help you see the whole picture. Removal of acute intoxication. Intoxication can provoke suffocation and death. To remove it, doctors give cleansing enemas, wash the stomach, relieve pulmonary edema, and clear the airways. Removal of withdrawal. Doctors prescribe vitamins, hepatotropic, antihistamines, sleeping pills, analgesics. Elimination of craving for narcotic substances. For this, psychopharmacotherapy, apparatus therapy, psychotherapy, opiate receptor blockers are used. Rehabilitation. At this stage, psychologists deal with the addict. They teach the patient to perceive the world in a new way, to restore relationships with family and friends. Rehabilitation can take several months.

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