How Falling In Love Affects A Woman's Scent

How Falling In Love Affects A Woman's Scent
How Falling In Love Affects A Woman's Scent

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It is known that each person has his own individual smell. Doctors assure that it changes when the body is exposed to any disease. Because falling in love is another unusual one for the norm. a new biochemical process, it also has a specific aroma. So what do women smell like when they experience love in their hearts?

Sweet dessert smell

Literary critics know that the beloved Russian classic, Anton Chekhov, adored women and they often reciprocated. At different times, young landowners and noblewomen who are fond of painting, actresses of the Moscow Art Theater fell in love with the writer. Once Chekhov made an entry in his documents: "Women smell like creamy ice cream." It meant that the ladies in love exude a similar aroma, and this surprised the writer. But it turns out that this happens very often. Contemporary Russian biologist Victoria Gumileva from the Institute of Human Morphology of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences has conducted a number of studies trying to identify the connection between falling in love and different odors emitted. It turns out that in the human body during the manifestation of strong emotions, such as love, among other hormones and substances, phenylethylamine is also produced. However, the same chemical compound is found in excess in chocolate and in other, various kinds of sweets. Men have coarser skin that is not able to fully emit "internal" aromas, especially considering that the stronger sex is often subject to physical exertion, which means they constantly sweat. While women have a more delicate skin. That is why, at the moment of falling in love, they most clearly feel the delicate aroma produced by phenylethylamines, and it resembles a kind of sweet dessert that is difficult to define.

The aroma of the surf and seafood

Historians claim that King Henry III of Valois once and for all his life fell in love with Mary of Cleves after being with her in the same castle, he passed her room. The Duchess was supposed to be the wife of Heinrich de Bourbon, but was secretly in love with another man. And at that moment, when she had just got out of bed and went to change, next to her chambers and there was a monarch, accidentally inhaling the smell of Maria Clevskaya's linen. Since then, he dreamed only of this woman. Professor Robert Matchok of Pennsylvania State University, USA, conducted several experiments on the effect of female organic substances called copulins on male sexual desires. These substances are contained in the female vagina, but their concentration in a normal state is so negligible that even the owners themselves do not feel them in any way. However, it is known that by the beginning of the ovulation cycle, copulins are able to accumulate in the body. Professor Matchok determined that at the moment when a girl is overwhelmed by amorous excitement, her heart rate increases, blood pressure rises and the work of hormonal glands increases sharply, coupled with the approaching ovulation, the concentration of copulin in her vagina reaches a maximum. It is then that they are felt by the nearby representatives of the stronger sex, reminding them of the smell of the surf and seafood. Professor Matchok conducted a number of studies and concluded that the effect of such a maximum concentration of copulins - female sex pheromones, most strongly affects men, sometimes making them fall in love with women whom they have never really seen.

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